Breath is the greatest gift, yet it can also be taken away. We are living in a time of changing values, yet some have chosen to hold onto the hate of the past. This isn’t about the current political climate, this is about finding peace from the hatred coming out of it. This is about human rights. No person is above any other regardless of class, nationality, sex, or skin color. Yet there are those who think they’re entitled to be above this law. Some may hide their racism behind logical arguments about immigration. But when you attack innocent people in the streets verbally and physically, you are acting against your own nature. 

So for all of the white supremacists or entitled people, I hope you find peace. There are two ways to do so: You find peace yourself or it will be given to you swiftly. 

I say this as one who is both Mexican and American. I am brown and I am white. I live in California, a native land. So don’t come here expecting everybody to be white. We celebrate being multinational. And please do not mistake my experience and wisdom for ‘white privilege.’ I hope this term dies with white supremacy, because it perpetuates the racial division by creating an illusion of privelege based on skin color. This concept was originally a class issue, and to keep the lower class from uniting, racial prejudice was manufactured to divide and divert the attention of those who would have risen up against oppression. 

No more! I will defend all those with peace in their hearts and bring peace to those without. I will heal the hurt. We stand together! Worldwide neighborhood watch is in effect! 


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