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Manifest life. It's what you do. So why not make the most of your experience? Welcome to the maya, the illusion created for you to customize your experience. She'll be your guide for good. She's the universe's graphical user interface. And you, dear one, you are here on purpose . You are the programmer, the programming language, and the end user. You are all powerful!

Yes, you really do have that much control of how you see things, and once you see things differently, the universe changes for you. Because your reality is perception based. How you see the world determines what you see. That's because your perception filters out the 1s and 0s in the code of all that is and frames your reality by generalizing, distorting, and even deleting data—to get the picture to fit perfectly into your mind.

Just knowing this one thing changes everything.



The universe vibrates based on what you emanate. What you resonate. What you radiate.

Simply, the universe wants to match your frequency. And it does.

Now, notice how easily you can view your timeline, as if looking from above, travelling back and gather the lessons from everything associated with the results you've gotten in life in the past up until right now.

Were you always at your absolute best? Or did you attract lots of life lessons? See how the lessons matched the frequency of the you at the time? It's ok, it happens to all of us. Now shake it off, floating above the timeline back into the now. Everything happens in the now. All time points to now! Because you always come right back here. So be present and just breathe.

You can create a better now.

You are an infinite expression of the universe. Every grain of your existence contains the whole thing. Yes, really. I studied this stuff to test the proposal for the Omniverse, the big picture of the universe and the source for what happened before the Big Bang. Everything in this grand creation is for you. For your continued growth and evolution. You simply expand your horizon of peace, love, and knowledge, and the universe keeps filling you with divine love—the underlying energy of all forces and matter in the universe—pure attraction.

You'll find that your subconscious is much like a computer program. There's apps running that are subconscious beliefs. You might not even know they're there. Until you do. Then you see exactly why you've gotten the results you've gotten. In the past. And if it's not what you desire, you can replace a limiting or negative beleif with a positive empowering super-belief.

Your perception is upgradable.

Your mind is controlling a biological supercomputer. Its virtual and physical memory not only store your memories, but also your perceptions and beliefs. You use more than 100% of your brain! The energetic field around you as you pull your surroundings into your awareness—that's the mind. It is your energetic connection to the physical.

Like muscle memory and brain memory, the mind expands.

And every single day, you become a better version of you.

Yes, it takes work to be consciously aware. It becomes life's work. And it's very rewarding. Because you can change your reality for good. You can bring forth all of your hopes and desires fully into the now.

Here's the catch: You do so by finding your blocks.

You're programmed with all kinds of em! We all are. Until we aren't. So when something triggers you or provides a lesson of some kind, analyze it. What's the underlying thing attracting that? Then, let that shit go! How do you want to attract even more of the good stuff? Let your positive program be downloaded and installed.

These downloads change your perception over time. You see the universe more as it is.

Look deeper into how you see things now. Notice how different schools of thought framed perceptions in such a way. You can break out of your frames. Like when people debate over science or religion. What if instead, you simply see the higher intent of each, which is really just asking where we come from?

Then you see that the descriptions given to us over time, are really just analogies. Frames for our perception at the time. We know all of the stages of evolution of the post-Big Bang universe. But some argue that it all took place in 7 days. The timeline was the analogy. It simply showed us the steps taken from the beginning to the present moment. Same order as our modern version. When it was first taught that way, we had basic understanding of the calendar. So framing the depiction into days of the week just made sense in terms of teaching the steps.

Another one that I like is the universe on a turtle's back. Scientists like to scoff at the idea and make fun of the primitive culture that carries down this teaching. But it's not about the turtle. That's just what they used to present the analogy. Now who's dumb? It's not about how much you learn, it's about how much you learn to open your mind to.

When I travelled outside the unverse to see the Omniverse, something very profound came to me. The Big Bang actually occurred on the higher-dimensional surface of a white hole (the opposite of black hole, with forces that push rather than pull). Everything that we see in the universe is actually a projection from this curved surface. The turtle was early knowledge of the maya. The illusion. The projection. They were saying the universe is projected from a surface, using the turtle's shell to compare the geometry. Bam!

These are just two examples of how teachings passed down—and collective perceptions of them—bias your view of the universe. Once you let go, it's very liberating. You'll find collective frames for all kinds of stuff. Ask yourself, does it serve you somehow? Find the highest intent, then ask yourself, if you could still have whatever the highest intent is, with new empowering beliefs? You can see the world the way you want to see it. Not how people tell you to see it. Freedom is an inside job!

Now that you know, you're already emanating more. Your universe is already changing. And it's changing for good!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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