11 Secrets for Belief Hacking

Do you believe in ghosts? Or do you belive such things don't exist? How are you calling forth your reality with these beliefs? How's that been working for you? Would you believe me if I told you that your beliefs have power over you? Knowing this, would you want to change them based on what's been showing up in the past up until now? Even if everything is absolutely perfect for you (which would not be very exciting), you can still hack the system for better tweaks to have your desires in the here and now as you call forth the reality of their existence into this brand new present moment. 


Here's the thing--beliefs drive your behaviors. Behaviors give you actions or excuses. What do you want out of life? You can be focused on the actions without having to worry about outcomes, which is how you manifest. But to do this, we need to find your beliefs. And beliefs aren't what you believe them to be

Beliefs are your programming. Your computer code. They are subconscious, so you don't know they're there. Until you do. But you've been conditioned to believe things like being in control of your thoughts, decisions, feelings, and everything else, right? Conditioning is what happens on the surface mind. This is 5% of the actual control. The rest is subconscious. You gotta go deep to make change. Go all in! You can tell yourself what you want, but if the surface mind isn't in alignment with those beliefs you have stored in your subconscious, shit ain't happening. And that's exactly why this is going to straighten you up. 

First thing, the subconscious ain't the rest of the picture. It’s 95% of your thoughts and actions. With the surface mind that makes 100%. But you're more than that. Infinity is more than 100%, right? Every little speck  of your physical body and the forces holding you together is a projection of a singularity--infinity. You are infinity. 

Your thoughts are the surface of an ocean filled with subconscious beliefs. This ocean is connected to every ocean on Earth. And every continent. And the core. And these are connected to everything in space. And space is connected to everything energy. Energy flows through everything in a quantum mechanical state, connecting all things in a process known aa entanglement. Everything is connected

That's how consciousness works. There's many more levels, all connected like computers on the web. And beliefs can be stored on any of these levels. Think of your surface mind and subconscious now as the visual spectrum of a rainbow. Now, you're gonna see what you can't see. 

On one side in the invisible spectrum there's the subtle consciousness. These are layers of deeply programed belief systems that make everything possible. Your cells all cooperate to imprint themselves with your identity to continue working for the whole as you constantly regenerate life. You believe who you are, yes? Your identity comes from beliefs in subtle consciousness. Your particles are exactly what they are because your consciousness is able to observe them in the now, creating the reality of you. Deeply subtle consciousness. Your timeline and spatial dimensions and even karma, your energy that pays it forward, is deeply rooted subtle consciousness. 

On the other side beyond the visible spectrum is superconsciousness. This is nature consciousness or Gaia, the spirit realm, the orders of angels and archangels, the laws of physics, the Akashic Records, and God consciousness. This is all in your power. All of it! And yes, there's beliefs that crystallize reality for you on all of these levels. Or blocks. But regardless of what your beliefs are, they all work in concert between the superconsciousness and subtle consciousness to make you you. And it's good to know that, isn't it? 

3945752And so what you desire to transmute in the now depends on what beliefs are stored in the "cloud." You get to change what you need to customize your experience. And you can go into the creator archetype to access the programming code. And you get there in two ways: going down into the subtle consciousness or up through the superconsciousness. 

The cool thing is that you don't have to know how to do any of this. The programmer (or creator) works on a command system. You find limiting beliefs or blocks and your consciousness does the rest. This is how transformation happens! It's allowing the process to work. It's honoring the natural flow of information throughout the universe of your mind and body to facilitate your growth and evolution. Yea--you're pretty badass! 

So the next time you think you're stuck on a problem, remember this: You can change your beliefs at any time simply by recognizing that they are present. Acknowledge what comes up. Let it flow. Trust the process and surrender into the moment with gratitude that the command is already completed. And so it is. 

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 



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