3 Tips for Successful Relationships

Wanna know something? The universe is always in your favor. Love is always on your side. Yes, always! Right now I have a bonus teaching for you that you can apply in your life right here and now. This is the three keys to having successful relationships. Even if you're finding yourself in between relationships, embodying these keys will have you attracting more of the good stuff. That's just how the universe works!


1) Fulfilling Love Fantasies

When we meet, you have ideas of what your ideal partner is, yes? Maybe you have a manifest list to call in a partner in the here and now or to embody the qualities with your current partner. It's all good! The trick is that we project from these ideals onto the other person. Projection is perception. In the beginning of a relationship, you see mostly the projection. And as you learn more about each other, you see beyond your own projection. Are your needs being met? What strategies are there to be completely fulfilled in this relationship? Talk about it. Exchange ideas. You are invited now to really get to know each other.

2) Aligning Core Values

As you get to know someone, you get to know their higher self. Their soul. It is a sacred intimate bonding connection. And on this level, you become even more integrated to each other's subconscious values. These are like programs running in the background that determine which neural pathways to fire off inside your brain as you feel emotions flowing. This process reveals a lot about you, and it happens whether you're happy or experiencing problems. Even in cases of anger, your values are showing up. As a conscious lover, be mindful of your partner's values. This is their soul talking to you. Go deep. Let him or her know that they are cared for and acknowledged. Get beyond the surface thought and love their soul!

3) Positive Anchoring

Act with love in your heart and always (yes, always) support and empower your lover. You can do this for everyone in your life! Feed their souls with the highest frequencies of love. It ain't always easy, unless it is. It kinda comes naturally when you let it. And make this a mindful practice. Any chance you get, bring someone into a positive state, amplifying their good vibes, then anchor that with a touch or a hug. And also, you are invited to be mindful that touching or hugging your partner while in a negative state can anchor the negativity. Knowing your partner means you know when to create and hold space for them to process. Emotions are like water, naturally flowing. Sometimes we just need to let them run their course. It's just moving energy. Be supportive and allow him or her to process before you bring them back up to their natural positive state, and then anchor that shit with a hug!



The real beauty is, you don't need a lover to practice these. You can and will, and probably already are right now, do this for everyone. And know that everyone's approach is unique. You have your values. And so does everyone else. Find out how they fit together. See them for who they really are as beings of the universal vibrational energy we feel as love. Find out what sets their souls aflame and stoke the fire within! Allow your vibration to lift those around you as your souls reveal themselves. And when you bring people up, let their souls know that they're welcome to access that state anytime. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. You are now free to go hug someone!



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