3 Ways to Merge… and Emerge!

It’s time to let go of our old, myopic ways of thinking and create the space for a new breed of thought within each and every one of us. Everything we’ve been taught, all of the social behavior we’ve observed, even feelings we’ve observed have conditioned us throughout our lives. All sensory and extra-sensory perceptions are programming the subconscious. And not always for the highest and best good. People create belief systems that can harm the spirit. Even when we think we are just using the facts, our beliefs come through and change how we communicate these facts. Here are 3 examples of ways that we can simply change our perception to undo the negative programming we have had to endure in this lifetime:


1) Galactic ‘collisions’ – Everyone makes this sound like galaxies actually collide in a massive, violent crash. They do not! In fact, most of the matter in both galaxies will pass by without ever contacting. Because there is so much distance between objects in galaxies, only gas and energies fill the space in-between. What really happens when galaxies collide? They dance together. They MERGE. When the supermassive central black holes meet, they become ONE. And a new galaxy is created! Does this mean the end of all life we know it? No! In fact, our closest neighbor, Andromeda, on a ‘collision course’ with the Milky Way, may have already passed through us before! Studies of its trajectory have shown it is consistent with a rebound. Enjoy the dance of life!

2) Evolution – This one’s big. Every ‘free thinker’ has held on to beliefs about evolution that it is a violent process of competition and as Darwin put it, ‘survival of the fittest.’ Instead of putting these conditions on the process, why don’t we just look at the data and draw conclusions from that? Because the truth is, the species that survive are the ones that practice LOVE! Cooperation and reproduction are the two most likely characteristics that ensure the survival of a species. In addition, the viewpoint of evolution being caused by gradual change of genes from one generation to the next is also wrong. This only scratches the surface! It does explain genetic variation within a species, but the fossil record shows us that evolution is anything but gradual! There are literally times of change – not always related to extinction events either. The truth is that there are long periods of stability, followed with short periods where new species are created. We could be on the cusp of one such period. According to the fossil record and recent mitochondrial DNA evidence, modern humans appeared on this planet as far back as 400,000 years ago. We have no direct descendant. We co-existed with several other hominid species until nearly 35,000 years ago. The weird thing is that we did not share any recent common ancestors with them. For that, we have to go back nearly 2 million years in evolutionary history! But here’s where it will surprise you: We did not compete with them. We interacted with them. We bred with them, leading to about 1-2% of their DNA in our gene pool. Maybe our history isn’t as bloody as people would have you believe! LOVE was our factor of success in evolution and will continue to be so as we evolve to create the next human species.

3) Extinction – This is where fear-based thinking can really take a hold on you, and everybody loves their scare tactics and doomsday scenarios. Even now, people say we’re in the world’s sixth main extinction event, describing the loss of so may species on this planet. And oh yea, they will want you to believe an asteroid is coming to wipe us all out. Fear is mind control. Simple as that. Don’t worry about the minuscule chances of an asteroid impact! Even the death of so many species can be viewed the wrong way, but LIFE ITSELF IS A PROCESS. Our planet is a living conscious entity. Everything goes through cycles. Everything has a beginning and an end. This is life, and it is beautiful because it is a self correcting process to keep life evolving on this planet. Even if humans wipe themselves out, we were here for a little while for a beneficial purpose – to learn. It is up to us to evolve for the highest and best good of the entire planet. And we do this through LOVE! But the doomsday scenarios persist. Everything comes to an end – even our own Sun. But as it grows into its red giant stage consuming the closest planets (yes, us), It is merely shedding its skin. The water on our planet will be spread out and the heavy atoms will be recirculated. After the Sun is gone, our atoms will be regenerated into a new solar system. This process repeats. That is why recent studies have shown that much of Earth’s water is actually older than the Sun. The take-away is simply this: we are the afterlife of stars!

So if you stop thinking from the old mentality that is forced upon us through old ways of thinking, you begin to see so much more to this universe than what we are taught. It is a creation of LOVE! And it is constantly manifesting itself into this physical reality we perceive. Time doesn’t exist the way you think it does – the Big Bang is constantly happening as the universe creates itself every day of our lives. Now it is time for our Big Bang of perception to happen – time for us to take the reigns of this loving creation and do something good! Create the space to evolve our consciousness to the next level and love the process without fear! Thank you for reading and sharing! To learn more about the universe – the real one, not the one you have been led to believe – check out  GrandSlamTheory.com, follow facebook.com/GrandSlamTheory, and read my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse (available now at  Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers everywhere). It is done, it is done, it is done!


Change your perception, change your universe!


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