4 Illusions You CAN Overcome

There is a face you put on when you go out into the world. It is what others see when they look at you. But it’s not the real you. You are much, much more than what the others perceive. We live in a world of illusions. Due to social programming we get from education, social interaction, religion, governance, and so on, what we believe to be real is a series of illusions. This isn’t a bad thing – they are there for us to decipher on our path to enlightenment. Each presents a lesson that is there to teach us how to overcome our physical limitations. This article presents four of the illusions. When you read these, you will be able to beak through the perception barriers of any other illusion your ego, or sense of self, can throw at you.


1) Belief: This is a big one! Belief isn’t just about religion – it can be science-based belief, and it can even be disbelief. Belief isn’t a bad thing though. It helps our natural intuitive abilities. It can function with intuition as a bullshit detector and protector. But when it is used to block unwanted information, watch out! That ‘s how to tell if your belief is limiting in nature or supporting your expanding mind and spirit. When used positively, belief becomes your guiding light. You might find this hard to believe, but this is a very powerful tool in science where empirical evidence is not yet available. For example, string theory relies heavily on belief, because when we openly share these beliefs, the field grows. On the other hand, disbelief can be used to misinterpret science. For example, lack of data does not disprove anything. I have heard this case by atheists claiming that God doesn’t exist because we can’t prove it. Well, we thought that microbes didn’t exist once, even though they were undetected for thousands of years. Belief can either lift the veil of illusion or strengthen it – you have to decide for yourself.

2) Fear: We are physical beings that evolved into what we see in the mirror. Fear is a powerful evolutionary response to danger that serves to protect us. It triggers a fight or flight response that helps us be safe. But it doesn’t always happen in the face of danger. Sometimes we hold onto fears, and we worry about things. Fear and worry have detrimental effects on our minds and our bodies, as well as those around us. To overcome fear, it helps to see it for what it is in its evolutionary roots. Fear is anticipation of danger. In a bizarre trick up the universe’s sleeve, anticipation accompanied with the feeling of an outcome is how we manifest. Therefore, living in fear can actually manifest more of the very thing(s) we are afraid of! To overcome, learn to recognize the signs. Use fear when in danger to protect you. When not endangered, look to your subconscious beliefs to find out why something causes this feeling. Just today I did that and how others see my face will forever be changed! And you can too.

3) Duality: This one is going to blow your mind. It may seem to go against everything we’ve ever been taught. But just go with your gut. Your intuition will agree. Duality is a very big illusion. It is heavily rooted in all of science, even our very laws of physics. For every action there is an equal opposite reaction. But this is also a function of our perception, hence the illusion. Our universe isn’t a positive and negative – it’s a singularity. It isn’t equal – even the matter/anti-matter is imbalanced. Everything we perceive as opposites stems from the same source! THAT is the reality. Unfortunately, we live in the illusion. But this knowledge is all it takes to overcome this one. Consider this: The universe is comprised of four basic forces thought to stem from one underlying energy. Yet, gravity is much weaker than the other three. It is only when we see gravity using extra dimensions that we find its equality, bringing us closer to the source. Someday we will find that the source of all there is is simply love. The universe is made of love. You are made of love! Nothing is out there to hurt you spiritually. Our illusion of duality creates lessons we must overcome as we grow. Another weird trick – duality can couple with fear to create the illusion of negative entities. However, they still serve our evolution. Without fear and duality, we can see the positive outcome. We can see with unconditional love for all!

4) Separation: I’m gonna be straight with you – this one will probably contradict with your belief system. If so, go back to step one and repeat. That’s part of the process we all must go through. Even without a formal belief system, it can contradict with a person’s sense of identity. But it doesn’t have to. Identity is simply the focal point within this field of universal consciousness. This consciousness is not a single-track mind, yielding the illusion of separate identities. In our minds, the illusion of separation is perpetuated by believing that we are separate from God, the source, or the universe. Here’s why it’s an illusion: Our entire universe is an excited state of a singularity – the Big Bang. While we experience linear time, the universe does not. All possibilities of this singularity exist. Thus, we are not really separate from the initial state of the singularity. Need proof? Quantum entanglement enables particles to communicate and share properties in unison anywhere in the universe, regardless of distance. Every part acts as one. Every part is one. You are not separate from God. It is within every subatomic particle in every atom in every cell of your body!


Let’s recap. You can use your beliefs to guide you and control fear in order to manifest a more healthy reality. Transcending the realm of duality allows us to experience the universe in its underlying state of energy, and in doing so, we see that we are actually not separate from the universe, the source, or God. Now that is powerful! Congratulations for passing the lesson of the four illusions! Please comment with your experiences if you wish to share. Thank you so much for reading, and very special thanks for your comments and shares!


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