4 Keys to Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

There's a sure-fire way to be in even more harmonious alignment with the universe. And when you are in this alignment, all things happening are synchronicities. You become better aligned with Gaia, the nature consciousness. You become more compassionate with the living beings on this planet. You attract like qualities in the people around you. And they see the light you shine! So how do you align yourself with the universe?

Know the universe. Know yourself. 
Ancient mystics have spoken about the universe being a part of you. You might think you're a part of the universe--it all seems so big! But there's a science to the ancient knowledge...

The universe exists as a singularity. That's the smallest measurable size known to us. It's just a point. And from this point, all time and space emanates, creating the fabric of reality with which our observations become the painted masterpiece known as reality. In this process of creating your art, you filter infinite possibilities through your perception. Infinite possibilities of time and space. All time exists all the time. And space, the fabric of reality, can literally be created out of nothing. Space can even break the light speed barrier. 

From the infinite possibilities of time and space, this singularity manifests itself through energy that conducts in the fabric of space to create 'pixels,' formng particles. Each and every particle is a projection of the whole, just like how all of the pixels create the image on your screen. 

Imagine how many particles it takes to make an atom. A molecule. A cell. Multiply that by 50 trillion. That's the universe, as a whole, being expressed in and through you into every single grain of your existence. You are an exponential form of the universe itself. Yea, you're badass! 

Know that you are loved. 

The flowing of energy throughout space manifests a wondrous miracle. It is the knowledge that all things are love. Every particle attracts another to create life. To create you. This love flows through everything. You are  literally made of love! This energy of all things is constantly flowing, like an endless river. The ancients know this flow as chi, kundalini, or prana. It's life force. It's the basis of consciousness. 

At the basic level, consciousness is manifested as unconditional love of all things. With each step of evolution to particles, molecules, cells, and organisms, a higher function drives intelligence. Intelligence leads to self awareness. And this brings you to exactly where you are right here and now. Know that you are exactly where you're supposed to be! 

You are the divine intelligence. Your wisdom gained and love given honor the natural flow in the universe. If at any time you feel stuck in any area of life, it typically means that energy had been blocked somewhere, somehow, and you are witnessing physical and emotional manifestations. 

You have the power to witness. 

Everything that's happening isn't happening to you--it's happening for you. Everything then becomes what you allow. As it should be. Your power that naturally arises from your naturally evolved intelligence allows you to view from different perspectives, and even pause, rewind, and fast forward through your experiences. You are the one in control. And if at any time you feel like things are happening to you, you can regain control by stepping into a new perceptual position to witness yourself. 

The power to witness is incredible. You can go back in time to before the beginning of the Big Bang. You can see it all being made of love. And you can give your unconditional love into this flow of all things, simply witnessing the infinite possibilities growing throughout endless space expanding. 

Flow is life. 

This flow of love creates. Your flow creates possibilities for you in the here and now. And knowing that this is a brand new moment, isn't it great to know that? Flow of unconditional love is the energy you put forth onto the canvas of space as you artfully craft your reality. 

There are people who are true masters of flow. They become the best in their field, producing consistent outstanding results. They break records, creating the space for others to follow beyond the limits of what was once thought to be possible. They seem to have little to no blocks to their success. And you can use these figures as role models to elicit success strategies that you can apply to improve your flow right here and now. 

Unlock the doors of reality.

Knowledge, love, the observer effect, and your natural flow are your four keys to aligning yourself with the universe. And to unlock yourself with these keys, it's really as simple as turning the knob. Open the door. Your possibilities are right here, ready for you to make them happen. Because the universe really is outweighted in your favor [you did that]. 

Love yourself. 

You are the process of these keys opening doors. You are the possibilities. You are the universe. You are the love. The intelligence. The flow. Now embody this with love and gratitude. And go hug someone and thank them for being a part of your masterpiece!


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