5 Aspects of the Self

What would you do with the ultimate power within, knowing that you're capable of accomplishing anything, as you manifest even more love and abundance? The key is loving yourself. Loving every bit of who you are. That means in the physical and beyond. And to love the self is to know the self--all aspects of yourself. 

1) The physical is one aspect of self. Your face, your body, your internal chemistry all work together to make this physical being of love in the most beautiful package. Each person's physique is different, and that gives us all a chance to love ourselves in completely unique ways. And whatever way for you is the perfect one for you. 

Love your flaws as much as your talents. Love every bit of yourself. 

2) Love is the second aspect of self. And much more. Love is the attraction that binds together all of the individual pieces, from subatomic particles, to complex biomolecules, to cells, and your body as a whole. Love is your connection to the divine. It is the energy that flows in and through you always. 

3) The flow of love is another aspect of you. This is consciousness. It's note than how we define consciousness as self-awareness. Consciousness flows through all things. It is a broadcast going out everywhere in the multiverse, and your uniqueness creates your own channel in the way that's perfect for you. That gives everybody their own channel from which awareness arises. You have independent thought and your unique identity as a result. And this allows you to see how we all are connected.

Your connection to all is also your interface between the physical and the unknown.

4) There's so much we have to learn about ourselves. Your cells know. And your soul knows. There is a process by which your physical cells respond to the energy around them, expressing your genes in response to your environment. Your soul is the fourth aspect of self. Your energetic body,which is comprised of your mind and thoughts, is information. Information can never be destroyed, so this must carry on when your body stops. Your soul does this, feeding the energy back to source through your consciousness connection. 

Mastering these aspects of yourself will bring you back to source in consciousness.

And just what is this? It may be God, or it can be the universe. It is the consciousness of all that is. It is the connectedness of all that is. Source is all force and matter in this multiverse unified. Bringing your awareness to this level allows you to see beyond time, where all time exists from the singularity state to now and the future. In this awareness, all things are as one, and separation of everything via the Big Bang was just to allow all of your pieces to come back together so you could observe yourself, love yourself, and evolve and grow is unique ways perfect for you. 

5) Source is your highest consciousness and expression of love. And to truly know oneself is to see source every present within you. This is not an external force. Rather, it is an inner attraction that is bringing all things together. It is your spark of light. Your energy. And when you know this, because note you do, you start to change your energy that you reflect outward. You change how and what you attract for the better. And most importantly, you love yourself and others deeper than you ever have before. Do that. 


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