5 Gifts for the Soul

One thing will always be true. Every life is unique. And every path taken is just as unique to each individual. When we cross paths, the waves we create amplify. Or they cancel themselves out, depending on our vibrations.

On this path I have striven to raise the vibration, serving those who have graced my presence in this lifetime. As a way to thank every beautiful soul and the universe we came from, these are my gifts to you. ♡♡♡

Always give your absolute best. This came to me as a download just this year, and it’s similar to one of the Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz). Ruiz’ teaching was do your best, yet ‘give’ has a higher vibration for me. That’s why these are gifts! And the giving is really where the heart is focused, because in doing so, giving opens up channels of energy for receiving. The more open you are to giving, the more open you become to receiving. And because you are an infinite projection of the Big Bang itself, what you receive is infinite as well. Don’t try explaining that with math. Use the natural language of the universe to understand–love! Your heart already understand what this means.

Do what is in your power to uplift, encourage, and empower. I found this to be one of my greatest superpowers. Even before my transformation, this was something I took great pride in. We all can make this happen for each other. And in relationships, we become so much note powerful than the sum of ourselves by empowering each other! Add with giving and receiving, this allows for unlimited amplification of the potential of the individuals. And knowing how powerful this is, going into the next relationship, or further into your current one, will undoubtedly be even more empowering. A relationship with empowerment is love with action. Purpose with direction.

Always keep improving yourself. If there’s one thing I can’t do, it has to be not improving. No mayer how good you are at something, there’s always room for improvement. This goes for anything. You can manifest even more of what your heart desires on your divine path in this lifetime. It’s as easy as being open to the infinite possibilities surrounding you right here and now. Embrace these possibilities, as they are here to help guide you along your path. In doing so, your consciousness shifts. What want known becomes known, and what is known becomes your very nature. Keep going. You’re doing it right!

Protect and heal others. Provide safe space for other beautiful souls to transform. Imagine having energetic angel wings you can wrap around someone in a warm, loving embrace that lists their soul and protects from lower vibrations. Create space for people to heal. One of the most beautiful secrets of the universe is that while energy can’t be created or destroyed, space can. We couldn’t possibly be here if this want true. Space is the fabric with which energy is transitory upon. Imagine spinning fine sills to wrap around someone, allowing even more protection as they heal and transform.

Make your environment cleaner, creating safe space for all. Your cells respond to your environment. Your DNA is activated bad on the energies of your environment. So when you do something to make your environment better, you are sending signals into every single gene in your body, and your children and grandchildren. It’s that powerful! Do something small in your home to clean and purify. Do something for the planet. Your actions raise your vibrations, which are then radiated to those around you. Set the example and watch how others follow. Do so with love.

Setting these intentions can be readily done. You may control many lives from the control center of your soul (your higher energetic being). At any time you wish, and whether that time is will be the perfect time for you, you can go to your control center. You can set your intentions for the highest vibration.

To do so, simply imagine viewing your life like a roll of film. You can rewind, pause, and fast forward as you project onto a big screen, watching comfortably from the control room. Then shrink the screen down as your awareness expands to other screens. This is your control room. These are your parallel lives, and you can love them all and synchronize your life lessons and learnings. And at any time, you can step back into the perceptual position of your life in the here and now by floating back into the screen. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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