5 Ways to Know You’re With a Manipulator (And How to Unfuck Yourself)

We’ve all experienced someone in our lives who’s been manipulative, either intentionally or not. It’s an unfortunate truth. And it comes with lessons learned, because now you can recognize the signs before getting pulled into someone’s scheme. Here’s how to know…

First, the manipulator always has an agenda. Yes, always. There’s something they want either from you or someone else and they’re willing to use you to get it.

They will misinform you. It could be little white lies, or it could be more. Sometimes they’re experts at telling you what you want to hear. They’ll work their way in just like that.

And they can be very good with social skills, developing rapport with you by doing so. But they might also be doing the same thing with others. They might be talking about you to someone else, clouding their perception of you or a certain situation. They could be expertly programming how each person perceives the other in any given situation.

Is one person mostly your source of information regarding someone else? Better question if the info you’re getting is true. Because that’s part of their game. They’ll program you to be against the other (or vice versa).

The question is, do you go along with it, or do you call them it on their bullshit?

Sometimes it might just be that they want to take you somewhere, and you have a great time. But sometimes, they’re trying to get something to satisfy something that’s coming from a place of incompleteness, and they’re willing to hurt you and/or others.

In doing so, they’ll suck your energy. They might not know how else to feel complete yet. So they try to satisfy their needs through others rather than through self love and introspection.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve encountered one or more of these types because you can help them to wake up.

That’s your choice, NOT your responsibility.

Your responsibility is to take care of yourself first. You can love someone unconditionally, just from over there if you choose.

You are in control of yourself in any situation and at any time. You are in control of yourself! No one else. Yes people may tell you what to do, so ask yourself, is this in alignment with who I am at my core, the very essence of love?

Here’s how to unfuck yourself from the manipulator and their tricks while still loving unconditionally: Become the Guardian of the Gates.

Imagine having a great castle. This is your kingdom. Within it is your essence of who you are. And there are several archetypes of how you present yourself in the world–your costumes. Now, you gonna let someone else mess with the way you show up? Good.

Because there’s hidden archetypes you may have not yet stepped into.

Envision a suit of armor. Not just any suit of armor, this one’s designed specifically for you! You can make it shiny. Or you can see it beat up from the battles you’ve been through, and still holding together, even getting stronger. It can be mechanized. You can give it an energetic shield to guard you even more. You can give it any attributes and color you like… Speak it into existence.

Your suit of armor is impermeable against attack. It is indestructible. In it, you are invincible. Because you are the Guardian of the Gates. Nobody gets into your castle without your permission.

And all you have to do to access this archetype, at any time, is to visualize yourself stepping into this suit of armor. It’s made just for you. It’s biometrics won’t let anyone else in, ever.

Notice how easily you can always remember that your castle is filled with archetypes to guide you on your path, on purpose. You can program autobots for protection. And there’s completely self-autonomous attendees of your consciousness available to you at any time. We call them angels. And you can call in them any time for guidance and protection.

They’re always with you. As am I. For good. Always.

And I only use my powers for good. That’s why I’m available. Available to show you how to heal, to guide you, and protect you. And if anyone ever uses their powers for anything less, you’ll know right away, won’t you?

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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