6 Ways to Enter New Dimensions of Awareness

It is said that a mind, once stretched to new dimensions, cannot return to what it once was. This is as true as the laws of physics and can even be explained by the laws. In any system, once stretched to new levels of growth, it cannot return to its old state of order. And so it is. 


Imagine a grain of salt. It looks like a little cube. Now envision it in your mind as you turn up the magnification, making it appear bigger. Visualize the insides of the crystal lattice, like the structure inside a building. Picture moving through the floors of this tiny building. You can go back and forth in any direction on a single floor and even move up and down floors to different levels. This is how the brain understands dimensions. 

Until the early 1900s, this was everything we new about the 3 dimensions of space. And then humanity awakened into 4-dimensional awareness. Time was the 4th dimension. Fast forward to 2016, 4D crystals were discovered. This crystallizes our perception of the awareness of higher dimensions. Pun intended. And like the very nature of time itself, we can't go back. 

To us, time is linear, but in space it's relative. And even with all of the theory behind time travel, it remains to be one way: Beginning to end. Time goes hand-in-hand with the law that things go further and further into states of disorder. Life itself is a function of this law. And today it was revealed by scientists studying neural networking in brains that self-awareness is also a function of this law.

The universe as a whole is a function of this law. From the beginning when the Big Bang happened to the present moment, the universe has expanded. Until the 1990s it was thought that it would eventually shrink. That was overturned when it was discovered that the universe continues to expand. And in 2016 a new discovery put this into question by studying a larger area of the universe. Although the expansion isn't accelerating as was thought, the universe does continue expanding. Like time, it's one way. 

Notice how easily you can relate to the nature of time and expansion both as one-way. This is the same function of the laws of physics. They are both dimensions. Welcome to 5D. You've been living it, and now your perception has awakened to 5D. And it just keeps getting better...

Your awareness is based on perceiving these dimensions in this way, but I assure you that their true nature is infinite. In quantum physics, all possibilities exist until a point in time in which something is observed. Your perception pieces together these observations in such a way to create the perception of a timeline and expanding universe. The truth is every state exists all the time. 

Infinite time is eternity, and your perception is your connection to the divine. From this level of higher awareness, your consciousness already understands the true nature of the universe's time, expansion, and physical dimensions. And your soul is what navigates through this sea of eternity. 

Your soul knows how to guide you. This is done through parallel lives, past, present, and future. These lives carry similar energy and work towards the same lessons. What you experience now is a carry-over from past lives. Proof can be found in hypnotized subjects who experience memories and even other languages they don't know. 

kali_by_nosveThe more lives you experience, the greater the lesson plan becomes. And it always moves forward like your perception of time. You might be able to ignore your lesson plan in this life, but it will continue because this is the natural law of the universe to do so. In essence, karma, the lesson plan, is another function of growth. Another expression of universal law. Another dimension that once experienced in awareness and consciousness, you cannot go back. Karma is as natural as time, the expansion of the universe, and the physical dimensions. 

Karma is the 6th dimension. And in reality, there are many more. Dimensions are just natural expressions of physical law that are observed by you, the natural divine intelligence. You make it possible. Your presence makes everything possible, because your perception is the activation mechanism by which observation becomes reality. 

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 



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