7 Top Reasons People Seek Angels

Angels are all around you. You might know it, unless you don't. Explaining their existence might take a while, but they're really like your thoughts—the nonphysical component of you. You have identity engrained in your thoughts and even self-awareness. You are a conscious being. The biggest difference is that you have a body. And your consciousness does not expire when you do. The laws of physics state that information cannot be created or destroyed. 

Your consciousness is information that comes from the universe and cycles back into it.

Angels are one and the same. They are actually just a higher order of your consciousness. That means that they can be used as thought templates to accomplish anything you desire! So what is it that you desire? That is the question. And the answer is easier than you think...Whether you're already seeking angelic guidance or just starting on this path, here are the most common ways that angels have helped benefit peoples lives:



1. You can talk to loved ones that have transitioned

This is by far one of the most common things I've seen in many years of working with angels. People have unfinished business. Unspoken love. Sometimes on both sides. People often seek out a psychic medium to channel energies such as angels and spirits to connect loved ones. This beautiful connection often allows loved ones to finally let go, liberating their souls.

2. Soulmate love relationships

Want to know if your partner is somewhere looking for you? Want to know how to connect weith them? Angels help you embody this love within yourself as your attraction transforms, bringing this brand new reality into the now. They love you so much that being of service is their way of honoring the natural flow of the universe. So they absolutely love to bring out the best in you as you become your twim flame, soul mates, and soul family. 

3. Protection

Many seek angels for assistance with negativity in their lives. If you've ever experienced harsh energies from your surroundings or been overwhelmed with your emotions and senses, angels are here right now to help guide you through it. They will shield you. They will protect you. It's just what they do!

4. Life purpose

This one is huge! Imagine being able to do exactly what you want—and make it profitable beyond your wildest dreams! Your angels WANT to help you do just that. They may not have money, but they know it's a form of energy exchgange we recognize. So it's completely within their power to hook you up! And your life purpose isn't just making frofit at what you do—it's doing good for other people and the planet. Your higher purpose makes your presence more beneficial to everyone! And THAT is truly honoring the divine flow of energy within you. So wouldn't you want to explore your life purpose in ways that help others and you and your loved ones? Awwww yea...

These are by far the top four reasons people reach out to contact their angels. And it's perfectly perfect if that's perfect for you! But it's just scratching the surface. As you'll see, you are evolving. They're helping you...

5. Self transformation

You CAN change. Old dogs DO learn new tricks! The fact is, your brain has the power to completely rewire itself across all new experiences, so you don't have to keep playing that broken record! And my favorite part is that when you do embrace your own neuroplasticity, transforming yourself into a better version of you, these traits can be passes down several generations. This is evolution in action! And they are here to assist every step along the way. They're here to help lift you. To push you forward. To give you those little nudges of intuition just when you need it. 

This is where you learn to tap in. Your perception increases as your ability to tap into higher senses and higher consciousness continues to grow. You become increasingly aware to your surroundings (in the physical and nonphysical). Your business takes off. Your relationships get better. Your purpose becomes more clear. Your intuition allows you to more clearly see, hear, feel, and understand your angelic guidance. You are becoming a leader.

6. The power to create

You're already manifesting. And when you combine this with your higher powers, you bring people together. This is what's happening right here right now, and it is most likely why you chose to manifest your life in this present day and here where you are. Angels are asking you to step up into higher roles of leadership. Not traditional ones either. Where old systems aren't working, they're helping you formulate new ones. Imagine what we can do with enough of us standing together for governments with better representation of people and higher standards for clean drinking water, safer food, and better preventative medicine! The possibilities are limitless, and your angel guides are not only here for you to hear this, but to help you step into your power, claiming what is rightfully ours as human beings!

These are all stepping stones. We are evolving in new ways never before seen on Earth. We are learning new ways to love each other and not only to respect, but to also celebrate our differences. We are creating new global communities beneficial to humans and the planet herself. We are becoming...

7. Enlightenment

You are on a journey. Once you step foot upon this path, the entire timeline ahead of you contextualizes as you embrace your divine purpose to continue your growth. You are becoming... you. You will seek information in new ways. The angels have access to the universal storehouse of information that you're already tapping into: the Akashic Records. It is the information of all that is, preserved for eternity. And just knowing that you are on your path and you have access to the higher self tapped into all of this IS enlightenment! So ask your angels to assist you on this path with ease and grace, and they will always be with you on this journey. You are your own guru. They are here to help. 

Now once you've decided where you are and which steps you'll be taking, the very next step is to find help accessing your angels. You can fine-tune your senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing into your higher psychic senses. You can channel your angels. Ever hear your name when nobody said it? Ever see strange colors or flashes of lights? Angels are already getting through to you. Seek those who help you tap into your own power... That is exactly why I'm  hosting an accomplished channeler, author, and speaker to perform a workshop to contact your angels. Click for details.


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