7 Truths

There are seven universal truths. Realization of these truths guarantees existence! But subconsciously, every part of you knows and abides by these truths. They are what make you what you appear to be. To our conscious minds, they have been held as the universe’s greatest secrets until now. Throughout time our perceptions will change, as they have in the past. Even our universe will continue to change. Universal truths are constants that pave the way for our physical existence in this ever-changing bubble of perception in this universe. The seven truths reveal the simple elegance of what lie beyond our perception.

1) Everything exists in multiple states. Yet, we see only one state when we observe something. Everything we observe must therefore be in unity. Through quantum entanglement, it is! This is the process of faster than the speed of light communication of information between particles seemingly separated by distance.

2) Physical reality is the product of decisions. Within these quantum states, a matrix of decisions allows the creation of matter and forces to happen. A singularity is just a Planck-scale point particle containing the entire universe. Our universe is a singularity. It is also a vast expanse stretching beyond the limits of how much we can possibly observe. The first decision is to be – this is the Big Bang. Then virtual particles, cycling in and out of existence, decide to be. Quarks form and decide to attract with the help of force particles known as gluons.

3) The laws of physics create attraction. Quarks have properties which attract other quarks to make protons. Protons have electromagnetic energy to attract electrons. As atoms build they gain mass so they can attract via gravity. Without needing to understand everything about how the laws of physics work, we can observe just this – matter happens.

4) Space is within. Physical interactions in subatomic space actually occur without touching. It is a property of the subatomic particles to mimic something we perceive as solid. You can touch an object while you watch and feel the interaction. The atoms never touch. The inner space is full of energies.

5) The universe is a series of fractal repeating patterns at many scales. Everything occurs as fields and has particle and wave properties. Everything! Mass is created from the Higgs field via the Higgs boson. Electrons exist as an atom’s field (they’re not just a particle anymore). Electromagnetism is the Earth’s field, and the mind is the human’s field. Matter is the universe’s field. The universe is a field of the greater reality – the Omniverse – just like the electron and the other fields. This is the continuum – the fractal patterns.

6) The universe we observe is an illusion. Our existence is perception-based. Understanding how our brain mimics the entire universe’s thinking capacity will lead to the realization that our reality is but a portion of the true reality. We may see things in terms of duality – black and white within an entire frequency spectrum we are not able to observe. But our collective knowledge base is growing and challenging our current perception. We now know that the universe may behave like a higher-dimensional hologram. We are observing the projection. Our true existence is not the projection – it is the universe within!

7) There is an underlying energy in all of the universe. The universe is, simply put, a consciousness. It is a vast network of quantum computing power via the entangled web of everything. The physical laws create the environment for life as we know it to come to be and evolve its own frequency of this consciousness. The same physical laws are those of attraction. So you could say that the universe is made of love! Love it back. It’s ok.

Thanks for reading! If you can’t remember all of these don’t worry – your physical components (subatomic particles and energetic fields) will always remember for you! Everything in existence is there in such a way to create your reality – please give thanks! And follow for more insight. I’m about to change everything we know about the universe. This is only the beginning! Welcome to the revelation revolution.



Love the universe you’re in.

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