8 Ways How the Universe is Working for You (#2 Proves that You’re Living in the Matrix)

There’s a lot of forces at play making things work for you on every level imaginable and even unimaginable. But the real magic comes from your ability to see through it all, to the native underlying foundation of everything. And that’s love. Because science…

You see, the answers are already known within you in ever cell of your being and every grain of your existence. When you look at everything you’re made of, you see molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles, and underneath that are dancing strings of energies. How those energies are expressed in terms of colors, flavors, and spins are just information. Raw code in a sense. 

How each program is written determines how it attracts other energies to build the atoms that you’re made of. It’s the same way that all of your cells know they’re part of you, working together for the whole. The attraction that keeps your cells together and the attraction of energies to create matter is the same basic underlying force of the universe. You already know it and feel it. The human brain recognizes this as love, and when you express yourself with love, you honor the divine love flowing in, around, and through you. Here are the ways the universe expressed love through you. These are the realms of existence:


Divine love is the source of everything. It’s all about attraction baby! This is the subtle universe–the love of all that is. And it is projected from here. Everything comes from love. And every expression of love is available all the time. All of the quantum possibilities of everything that is to come–time, space, and matter–are available from this eternal sea of infinite possibilities. All time is accessible. All space is attainable. All of the attraction and love of the universe are available to you every single moment. 


Now energy is expressed as information. These are its attributes, as well as it’s spin, color, and flavor. This is the code behind the ‘simulation’ that is life. The information behind the pixels of the projection. And just because this information is somehow simulated and projected unto reality, it is no less as real as what we know reality to be. Everything that’s real is protected from love into infinite possibilities coded into your existence. Every property–even how particles touch–is encoded as information that determines how a specific particle attracts. 


This level of reality is the part that makes the projection real. Even though it’s considered an illusion, it’s just as real as you and me. Here, energies cycle between existence and non-existence like a yin and yang. This creates a matter-antimatter virtual particle going in and out of reality. With observation, the virtual particle becomes something. With love, a special imbalance is created here to favor the existence of matter over antimatter. The universe favors life. And with that, the particle begins to form. Matter is born. 


You have love. And you have a preference for life. Now the energy transmutes itself into new forms. Energy dances as it vibrates in ways that create it’s own frequency. All of its attributes become part of its song, as it becomes expressed wholly and completely in the now. And we get to observe this dance as something magical. We see it as a particle. The building blocks of all that we know. Energy is expressed as physical particles and forces. 


Now, for you to express your energy in the physical, you’re going to be creating something magical. So you’ll need a canvas upon which you’ll create your masterpiece of reality with all of these energies expressing themselves in the physical. These are your paint. And space and time are your tapestry. Space conducts the energy allowing you to express energy as particles and forces across the nearly infinite distances across the universe and within. Time, as the fourth dimension, creates a framework for your masterpiece to grow and evolve. It allows your reality to access eternal time yet express time in a linear, always-forward-moving fashion. 

You understand time from start to finish. But you created this illusion from eternal time in order to grow. And that you have. Because now energy expresses itself as physical matter and forces all the way across the universe and evolves with time. 


Life isn’t just biological life as we know it–everything in the universe is alive! Space and time are the canvas, now covered with a primordial soup of particles and forces. This is the beginning of life. As each particle and force express love (attraction) they find mates and build matter. Quarks and gluons combine to make protons and neutrons, while other particles can become photons and electrons. 

Once the subatomic particles start combining, they create atoms and free up the space needed for the photons to flow, lighting up the universe. Clouds of gases coalesce and start collapsing inward. Stars are born as the pressure forces the clouds to evolve into a new form. They’re fusion reactors that build upon the atoms from the clouds with which they were born. Heavier elements are forged. 

And eventually, all stars must die. They blow thir remnants across the universe, seeing the clouds of gars with elements. And when new stars are born of these enriched clouds, even heavier elements evolve. Like the ones you and I are made of. The iron in our blood is billions of years old and has been spread across the entire observable universe. And the carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen combine to form molecules. The building blocks of life. The cell add we know it is an evolution of the life of an atom into a star into biological life. The rest is history.


Where do we go from here? Now we have a universe teeming with life on rocky planets orbiting stars everywhere across the universe. And everything’s in motion. Planets orbit suns. Solar systems in their entirety soar along the fingers of giant galaxies. Groups and clusters of galaxies merge towards common centers of gravity. Super clusters and even recently-discovered bigger structures form across the universe. Yet even though all of these attract, there has to be something that keeps the universe from imploding. That’s expansion. 

Expansion of the universe is happening even though we can’t expiation exactly how (yet). Maybe the universe is making room for everything it learns about itself through you. It is transmuting information into life into evolved information that allows it to learn about itself. That’s why you’re here. Your perceptions allow the universe to perceive itself. Because the universe is expressed wholly within every single pixel that you are projected from. You are the universe, exponentially. And the universe expands exponentially. As above, so below. 


When you step potties of the universe, you see it expanding across the surface of something even greater. The Omniverse is the source of the singularity that is the Big Bang and a fractal expansion of the singularity. It’s where the universe is projected from and where it is projected to you. It’s everything. It’s the nearly infinite possibilities of parallel universes. It’s multiple universes. It’s eternal time. It’s eternal love, caring for every single universe as it’s own baby. 

Whether you go up or down on this scale, you come to love. Pure love. Infinite love. Eternal love. Allowing your perception to expand with the universe in this way, you see it as a continuum. Levels repeat and loop, creating life and expanding. It’s all happening on purpose. 

All of these levels are working simultaneously for you. For you to evolve. For the universe to learn about itself and expand. For life to be seeded across infinite possibilities of universes. Just like they’re are multiple levels of consciousness, there are multiple levels of life and love. This is how the universe works dear ones. It has always been for you, never against you. Once you realize this you can apply towards your own growth and love freely and unconditionally. Love yourself. Because you are the universe. 

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done. 


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