8 Ways How to Develop Your Intuition

If you’ve ever wanted to get clear messages from the angelic realm, then read this! Here’s eight ways how you can develop your intuition and become a spiritual medium giving messages for money:

1) Stop thinking you need to meet other people’s expectations of what it means to be a psychic or a medium.
2) Stop thinking that you need to follow what others have done, seen, heard, etc.
3) Stop seeking approval by others that you may think are more advanced or spiritually gifted than you (they’re not).
4) Stop trying to please yourself with progress you make getting messages, and stop trying to please others.
5) Stop seeking signs to verify your feelings about anything like readings or messages.
6) Stop feeding your ego by giving negative messages (like focusing on doomsday scenarios or breaking up people for your own personal gain)!
7) Stop relying on support of others to make you feel validated in any way.
8) Stop asking questions like ‘why me’ because things don’t always go your way.

Just stop. Stop taking other people’s advice or instructions on ‘how to’ do things, like all of these ‘spiritual’ blogs on Facebook all the time. If you’ve tried hearing messages but haven’t gotten anything, maybe it’s because you’re focused on following someone’s rules! Got it? Good! Clear your mind. Now here’s the real title to this article:

Trust Your Gut

You are a being of pure love and beauty on a level deeper than ever imagined! You are here in this existence to experience life. Plain and simple! But we do have a slight tendency to complicate things. It’s just our ego getting in the way. So here’s something different: Let it!

Everything in life represents a lesson. If you abolish the ego completely, you miss out on lessons you signed up for in this lifetime. Sure, the ego wants to get ahead and sometimes hurts others or even yourself, but that’s how we learn! The fact is, we are all purpose-driven, and we need a balance of spiritual faith and egoic logic to accomplish our goals.

And here’s another fact that will turn this whole spiritual movement upside-down: Even clear messages from spirits, Angels, even God, come through the SELF. Take that ego-busters! This is simply because we are all connected as one consciousness -everything just is. The ground you stand on, the vast cosmos you gaze upon, even the laws of physics that make your existence possible – all aspects of YOUR consciousness!

Everything in this existence is love (attraction). So when you are heart-centered and do things with love, you are automatically on the right track. You don’t have to do practices or go to school to learn how to get Angel messages. You simply trust in the divine process of what you are – pure love, baby!

By trusting the process, you are automatically letting go of your blocks (because when you think of letting go of something, you’re still holding on to it). Do you see where this is going? It’s automatic, it’s love, and it helps you let go. It is a cycle of energy – a process.

You don’t have to learn it. Rather, you unlearn it! So have a little faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Trust your gut!

So much for ‘8 steps’ eh? Life is simple when you let it be! As a bonus, here’s one rule you can follow for everything in life when you trust your gut and live a life of love: If it feels good, do it! Thanks for reading and sharing!


Love the universe you’re in!


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