8 Perceptions of the Universe about to Change

There’s a lot more to the universe than what we currently know. Although a great deal is known about our creation from the Big Bang, we are always finding new discoveries in our universe. Everything from the instant of inflation at the Big Bang to the modern expansion epoch has been unveiled. And we find discoveries seemingly outside of our universe. Scientists have predicted multiple universes as infinite possibilities of our own! And it gets even better. Here’s a list of what is changing about the universe right here and now:


1) The Big Bang is not the beginning. White time starts at the beginning of the Big Bang and we experience time linearly, this is currently a perception barrier. Just like all possibilities of the universe exist, so do all possibilities of time. And there can be additional dimensions of time. Expansion is another time dimension that we can observe in our universe. It gets even better! Our universe has a hidden timescale we are about to discover – the path to ascension of the singularity. The becoming of the Big Bang.

2) Space is not just vacuum. The current visual conception of the universe is that space is empty. Yet we are finding today that space if full of pure energy. The vacuum itself is full of negative pressure and unknown fields of energy. The vacuum may actually fuel expansion of the universe. And its energy fields, like the Higgs field, exist everywhere in the universe. Without space unfolding itself faster than the speed of light in the Big Bang, matter itself wouldn’t exist. So really, space contains everything!

3) Matter is not what you think it is. Matter is something we can touch, right? That makes it in a form we know like solid, liquid, or gas. As it turns out, matter ain’t what it’s cracked up to be! It is essentially pure energy. Vortices of energy acquire particle properties and attract others, creating matter’s earliest building blocks. Three quarks combine to make a proton or neutron, which then combine to form atoms with electrons. But if these are energies, how do they appear solid? They are actually more space than solid, creating an illusion. And due to the nature of how these energies interact with other energies, they can make particles bounce off of each other without ever touching. Even our tactile sensation is an illusion. This also means that our interaction with our surroundings is based primarily on what energies we interact with, leaving more to the picture of what is yet to be discovered!

4) There are more than 3 dimensions. Current models use up to 11 dimensions of space and time. Although this is based on what we can predict now, and there may actually be an infinite number of dimensions. What’s really going to change here is how we perceive multiple dimensions. Our current view of dimensions of a little off. We think of three straight dimensions to define a sphere. But dimensions are curved and a sphere is only 2 dimensions until you look at relief. We can easily visualize extra dimensions in the same way that we view three dimensional objects as two dimensional – just like a map. We can stack dimensions to realize how a model looks in extra dimensions. This gives a whole new meaning to our universe!

5) The edge of our observable universe is not the end. Our universe has been observed almost 100 light years away, even though it is less than 14 billion years old. What is beyond the edge of the universe? There is an event horizon – a point where objects accelerate away from us at a rate in which they can never return. That’s our limited window of perception. We simply can’t see beyond this barrier! So we call it the Big Freeze – everything will experience expansion spreading the universe apart in 150 billion years. But there’s still more to the picture! If our universe is viewed in 2 dimensions along a curved surface of another 2 dimensional object, we can view a much simpler version of expansion. In doing so, we see our universe stretched thin along the larger surface, but spread evenly across it. Instead of the universe falling apart, does it become fertile ground for future generations of Big Bang singularities? Will the edge of the universe go the way of the edge of the world?

6) There is more to the universe. The universe is part of a larger system. In the same way of viewing the universe expanding on a curved surface, now look at the whole object. The universe is a continuum – a repetition of itself on different scales. There is a reality so grand that it dwarfs our current perception of this universe! We shall soon discover that our universe is nothing more than a field that exists around this object, much like an electron field around its nucleus. Our universe is part of a bigger system. This is the Omniverse!

7) Physical laws of reality create this illusion. This is the ancient principle of maya – everything is an illusion. It is merely an inherent property of the Omniverse. For this is the creation of the singularity that is our Big Bang! The Omniverse turns the singularity into a holographic projection from a zero dimensional point particle. This projection unfolds instantly across the curved surface becoming what we know as inflation! The projection widens along this surface and we see expansion! The projection is holographic in nature, meaning that every bit of the whole is encoded within every single bit of information throughout the entire universe. In essence, the entire universe – the singularity – exists within each and every vortex of energy making up our own subatomic components. This means that the universe is within, and each and every one of us is a reflection of the universe as a whole!

8) The universe is a living conscious being. Just the fact that we are is proof! We are in fact, the universe as a whole, but due to our limited perception, we see ourselves as separate. When in fact, we only pick up separate pieces of the entire frequency spectrum. As we expand our consciousness, we begin to think on higher levels of consciousness. The universe itself is a level of consciousness with filaments of dark matter forming its own neural network. From the Big Bang, matter and light are created and stars form. Generations of stars build life’s own building blocks – heavier atoms and even complex biomolecules. It is a process of living and dying. This becomes the ultimate realization that we are made of stars that exploded billions of years ago. They created us! And we are the afterlife of those stars in a continual process of renewal known as the living universe. Our perception creates our reality and within each and every one of us lies the unrealized discovery that this is truly Heaven! Let’s all help make Heaven a better place. This is our role as beings of light in this dark universe – to illuminate!

In the ever-present unfolding of knowledge of our universe and ourselves, my book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse is about to change our perception. This is only the beginning! My next book is going to probe the depths of the consciousness of the Omniverse. Follow GrandSlamTheory.com and facebook.com/GrandSlamTheory for more info on the upcoming release. Thanks for reading and thanks even more for sharing!


Everything we know about the universe is about to change. Dear universe, I’m ready!

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