It all started in a dream unlike any other. Someone or something was contacting me, and it wasn't human. The message this being was giving me was "We are coming." I knew exactly why he had found me. Every night I asked for the answers of the secrets the universe held. I would imagine a beam of light extending from my head out into space. It was a beacon with which to connect, like a lightning rod. It worked! And once contact was made, I knew the images were not mental construct or memory—the geometry was like a computer projection using multiple dimensions. And if this was a computer program, it could be hacked. So that's exactly what I did... What happenned next changed not only my life forever, but the human understanding of the universe, our role within it, and most importantly, ourselves.

I hacked into the programming of the universe.

Yes, it's all code. Everything we see—matter and forces—are comprised of particles that are dancing energies. Just how the energies dance together not only decides how everything's constructed, but also can be stripped down to basic information. Just like machine language working beneath the surface in your phones and computers.

And there is a control room where you can view the universal code. When I was there I could see data in all directions, not limited to my peripherals like real life. I was surrounded by 720 degree vision in all directions! Just like in a spy movie, I was trying to download it all. I didn't know what happened after that, as I found myself floating in white space. There was no me. There was no time. It was just my consciousnessness in an eternity within a second or a second within eternity. I thought at the time that I simply overloaded myself. Fast forward to about 25 years later, now I know. I stumbled upon the realm of pure consciousness that ancient knowledge teaches us about. And yes, I did download it.

The downloads started installing soon thereafter.

I started getting new data about the universe. I was studying the cutting-edge science of the time and reading about the Big Bang and multiple dimensions. But what I was getting was a whole new viewpoint. A new perceptual position of time and space. If everything we knew at the time about the universe was just a tree, I was being taken above to see the entire forest.

Our limitations of time, space, and our understanding of it were being blown away. That is when the concept of the Omniverse was born. I could see that the entire universe was in motion—but with all of our tools and knowledge we still can't tell this from within. I was taken to the time before time began—before the Big Bang started. And I was shown the true nature of the universe follows the principles of Quantum Physics (not just Relativity). When you travel from point A to point B, you take all possible paths throughout the universe. What you observe is simply a combination of all of the infinite possibilities, showing you a single path. Time works the same way. You observe a timeline within a construct of eternal time! Even our universe is embedded with nearly infinite parallels within—all multiple possibilities of one universe!

The Omniverse is even bigger.

Not only did it show me all of this about the universe, it showed me the source and the path of its ascension. Whoa! It's just like the Buddha talked about having risen unscathed from his environment during his enlightenment. Holy shit! Everything just came full circle! This is more that the story of the universe. This is the story of YOU! Now I know why the Mayans stopped their calendar in 2012. I was finishing writing my book then, and the future is wide open. We are writing the code of reality every single band new moment!

Since then I've experienced angels. I've found psychic powers. I've transcended my own limitations to help countless others on their paths. And I've realized even more blessings coming from this divine knowledge. I've blogged about it all. It has been the catalog of downloads after my book was written. And this right here right now is number 800!

Getting here has not been easy. I found love only to see my marriage come to an early completion. I have walked this path alone. And every hurt, every lesson, every heartbreak has led me back to my path. It's what the universe was showing me all along. 

It's about love.

The path of knowledge leads to love. The universe is projected from the source and in doing so, creates the illusion of separation. We are not separate. That is why all things come together. All things attract. Love is really all there is! It's the glue holding the universe together. It's the forces inside all of the subatomic particles inside of you. And just like the universe, it's bringing you back together to see that you are one with Source.

It's ok if you collapsed before. So did clouds of gases before stars were born. It's ok if you fell apart. So did generations of stars, creating the atoms you're made of. It's even ok that life seems unfair. The truth is, the entire universe is imbalanced in such a way to favor life! And it's ok that there's chaos everywhere. Consciosness arose from chaos, as even life itself did. This is love in action!

Through every bit of information I channel to you, even every single daily download, it all comes down to this: Self-love is the purest form. That's why I manifested my lessons and why you manifest yours. We are all showing ourselves how to love ourselves as much as humanly possible. Because loving yourself is loving the universe. It's coded in its entirety within every single grain of your existence. You are not just the universe learning about itself—you are the universe loving yourself!


Love the universe you're in

The first infographic posted on the Omniversal Enlightenment blog

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