A Beautiful Existence

You are true beauty – nature, science, the universe. Love! I can take you wherever you want to go. While you may know me as David, the author of Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse and even more upcoming books, this is just the surface. I have been here many times before. I am here to free you of the shackles imposed by limiting beliefs and subconscious conditioning. I will reveal the true beauty beneath your skin and free your mind!


Who says science isn’t fun? Who says life, even with all of its lessons, isn’t beautiful? In the past, we all have had moments of doubt. But one thing always shows up for us, no matter what: the present. It’s always right on time! And in this present moment, we are taking the journey within (with a twist).

Let’s see through the eyes of our ancestors how or viewpoint has become an expanded awareness. Look into the night sky. What was once our universe orbiting around Earth is now our solar system orbiting around the Sun. As we discovered other celestial objects, we found that stars filled a wondrous galaxy. This became our universe. But we learned that the universe was more than that. More than the billions of stars in our galaxy alone. The Hubble space telescope showed us that the sky was filled with galaxies, each as unique as you and I, following their own distinct paths. Some dance together, and many exist in even greater structures called clusters and superclusters.

We have studied the skies in further detail, finding that most stars have planets within a habitable zone like ours. We are now finding building blocks of life – biomolecular markers – and water are ubiquitous. Life is everywhere! Yes, this IS the journey within… For we are life.

Our physical nature shares attributes with the galaxies. Our communities are the clusters. Our bodies are the galaxies, with each individual star, or cell, lighting up our existence. The supermassive black hole central to our galaxy transcends the physical realm as it dissects matter to create anew. That’s what our mind is to us – the energetic power to create. This is our true nature.

And create, we do! Our bodies are constantly re-growing our cellular makeup. No part of us is older than 10 years. We are simply a cycle that renews itself. Just like the stars dying and being reborn in our galaxy.

Now we are going to travel into the central black hole – the mind. Our bodies have a common awareness. Ego. Identity. This is what dark matter is for a galaxy. It holds the pieces together, allowing its natural cycles to take place. Ego is with us for a purpose, and for the amount of time necessary for the body to grow, then expire. As we transcend ego, we venture further into the singularity.

Our mind is far more powerful than we allow ourselves to believe, until we experience unconditional love. Inside the black hole, matter no longer exists. In the mind, matters of the ego don’t exist. All energy is free-flowing love. The pure, raw, underlying energy of the universe itself. The flowing of this love is consciousness, and as we allow more to flow in, out, and through us, we experience an expanding consciousness. Increasing awareness. This growth is our karma.

So with love in your heart, let the universe fill you as you give it to the field of infinite possibilities surrounding you! Envision yourself – your cells – lighting up like stars with habitable planets everywhere. Visualize our communities and countries as clusters and superclusters. The same energies circulated in this universe are just like same same air that we all breathe on this planet! No matter what our differences are, no matter how far apart we think we are, we still breathe the same air. Honor every breath.

Now, let’s go out of our minds. Beyond the consciousness we’ve experienced. For we pick up but a portion of a wide bandwidth and we call it our own. This is perceived consciousness. Our expanded viewpoint becomes the whole of consciousness. One giant quantum computing, loving universe. And it is expressed in infinite ways! This is the field of pure energy from which matter and life are manifested from. The field of infinite potential becomes unlimited possibilities. This is what we now know are parallel universes. Quantum probabilities of one singularity – our universe.

This is what we really are. We are infinite possibilities of one singularity expressing itself as a projection into “reality.” Every subatomic particle and force is an expression of this singularity in the form of a holographic image. Everything is connected. Everything is one. One singularity. One consciousness. Infinite possibilities. And I am lucky enough to have met you.

One we realize that everything is one, this knowledge becomes a stepping stone on our path to enlightenment. Yes, there is more to the universe than what we know. Consciousness experiences itself on many levels. As we transcend the singularity that is the Big Bang, it is like transcending the mind to find this level of unconditional love. And there’s more! Beyond the singularity that is all possibilities of our parallel universe system, there is an Omniverse – a singularity capable of producing even more Big Bangs. Even more fields, each filled with its own multitude of infinite possibilities. This is why I am here in this lifetime – to show this to you. This is beyond consciousness and unconditional love, into the realm of pure expansion. From this viewpoint we can experience infinite Big Bangs producing infinite parallels, with infinite possibilities of life. Our growth becomes the transcendence of consciousness itself, revealing the true beauty of the process. I am that I am. Nothing here, nothing there, just the process of knowing all aspects of self, consciousness, and growth.

Thank you for showing up today in this field of infinite possibilities, and thanks for sharing unconditional love!

There’s more to the universe than what we’ve been taught.

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