A Beautiful Imbalance

Have you ever felt like the world was against you? Like things always go wrong and people are out to get you? Good! Then you are ready for this! I’m going to show how manifesting happens. And make it better. This is how the universe works!


If you’re like me, you’ve experienced a lot of blocks. Blocks can be emotional baggage, epigenetic programming, and can even exist in parallel life and soul levels of your consciousness. They become programs run by our subconscious brain, even if our conscious brain thinks the exact opposite. Realize that the conscious brain controls less than 5% of our daily activities and decisions. The subconscious is the programming that actually dictates what you do.The mind is the field of thought surrounding you – the antenna that picks up your unique frequency of consciousness. Your consciousness is everything – even the laws of physics and the Big Bang. You are the universe. And you can control the programming that goes in and out of your mind.

Start with what you send out. Because this sends a signal into the field of consciousness of what you expect in return. In other words, what you put out is what you get back. This is why it is important to clear subconscious blocks. I have used Theta Healing techniques to remove negative programming and replace with positive programming. We can each find what works best for us. I identified family level anger that was carried for generations, which has affected the people around me. But that’s just one thing. My whole life, I inadvertently pushed away women that I loved. Before even starting relationships, other men would always try to take women away from me. I finally beat the cycle, only to see it return after marrying the ultimate love of my life – my twin flame. This time, it was disguised as spirit, which is why I warn about malevolent psychics who prey on the vulnerable. I confided in this ‘friend’ who was actually the one trying to steal my wife. Even through the pain of what happened, I have had so many beautiful lessons to learn from this. And even today, the day we met, I have this to share with you:

Life’s not fair.

Now hold on, that doesn’t sound positive! But it is that way for our lesson we must learn – so we can see the imbalance. When we observe this, we transmute the negative experience to positive. We let go, forgive, and when the pain transmutes, it becomes our credential to help others. Your pain becomes your credential to help others. Now what you’re putting out is completely different, isn’t it? When we serve others, we literally put our love back into the field of universal consciousness. The field of infinite potential! Now you are reprogramming with positive intentions, and you start seeing change around you. This is because you are now attracting what is good for the soul, not blocking it!

What you are doing on the highest level of consciousness is creating parallel universes aligned with your highest and best good. This is your infinite potential. You may not realize it, but our human minds can literally transform from one parallel to another. The laws of physics are the levels of consciousness that not only make it possible, but make it happen. This is how we manifest, baby!

But there’s more than just manifesting going on here. The lesson is that the universe is imbalanced. When we transmute, the next step is transcendence. We step out of the old ways of thinking, never to return! We become something new and greater as we serve in love. THAT’S why the imbalance is there. There’s a greater potential to be on the good side! So stop blocking it. Bad things don’t happen in 3s unless you believe it. Transcend the negative thinking and transform yourself!

I bet right now you might be thinking this sounds a little far-fetched or too good to be true (also limiting beliefs). But I wouldn’t be the author of Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, the big picture of the universe that changes everything we know about the Big Bang, if I didn’t bring some scientific proof to the table. Here is proof! It’s one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of our existence – matter/antimatter asymmetry. Simply, there is more matter, thus preventing the universe from annihilating itself. It is written into the code of the universe that just being here is favored. In other words, the universe conspires to make life happen. This is YOUR consciousness! You are making life happen. So why not make it something good?

Speaking of which, Mercedes Blue Feather and I will be hosting couples classes starting this Valentine’s Day to balance masculine and feminine energies and strengthen love! This is exactly what I mean about transmuting your pain into service. If I can do it (a recovering human robot), you can too! Here’s a link to the event, happening at the Source Studio in Riverside, CA: www.facebook.com/events/1387427661566044 And like I always say, follow Omniverse on facebook and go to GrandSlamTheory.com for more. Check out CERN if you’re interested in finding more about matter/antimatter. Shit just got real!

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