A Brief Moment of Eternity

What do you see when you strike a match? All of a sudden, the match flares up in a wild show of flames and that sound that you can’t mistake for anything else! And in a moment the flame fizzles out, leaving a burning ember behind. In that moment, something incredible came into existence and then left, leaving a permanent imprint on its surroundings. The match has changed. The air around it now smells like it. And for the one observing the whole thing, you saw it, heard it, smelled it, and felt its warmth. All in that moment. 

Notice how shifting your perceptual position opens up windows in the universe to see yourself in this moment. You’re not just observing. You’re making the fire that’s the passion and drive to live and thrive! You’re bottling up chaos inside a precious moment to release upon the entire universe, creating life! 

And you are in that moment. You are the flame. You are the ember and the impression you leave on the universe when you’re gone. It all happens in an instant. And that instant isn’t what people told you. It’s a gateway to eternity. And that changes everything. Are you ready to go into a moment and discover an eternity of you? You are in exactly the right place at the right time…

The universe isn’t as you perceive–it’s infinite possibilities of what you perceive. 

Your mind was created in such a way to filter through the infinite possibilities of everything to give you a reality that you can perceive. Your subconscious stores programs, like apps, that allow you to customize your experience. And sometimes the universe opens up to you to show you your true power. That can happen Every. Single. Brand New. Moment. 

Your life is that moment. And there are infinite possibilities. Here’s how to access even more of what’s available for you right now:

Let’s just pause time now. Imagine yourself standing on a surface surrounded by space. You can go any direction you choose at any time. Any distance towards any outcome is easily attainable just by taking a step. As you begin, the universe is already contextualizing what’s going to happen next. You can see the future timeline coming together. Or you can pull back if that’s not a desirable outcome. Remember, you’re present to the process without attachment to the outcome. If there’s something or someone you’re desiring, your goal is to embody that in the now–in this moment of eternity. Then taking that step forward aligns the universe with you. Because the universe is just matching your frequency. 

So at any moment you can pause time and realign! 

You can explore any of the infinite possibilities toy allow yourself to experience. It’s all in your grasp in the here and now. The universe unfolds to you every single moment based on the very qualities present in you. All possibilities exist all the time. You, dear ones, are living and loving in eternal space and time. You have the power within to contextualize your life out of pure energy and to create the timeline that unfolds the highest and best opportunities for your own potential. Your growth. Your evolution. You have the power. 

Change your beliefs to change your reality. 

Those subconscious programs that filter reality–those are called beliefs. Now you’re invited to focus on what beliefs are behind the results you’ve been getting in the past up until now. Rather than external beliefs like God, or what someone thinks of you, or something in the future, you’re focused on beliefs about yourself. You, the eternal. You, the ever-present. You, the creator. 

All you have to do to access the highest aspects of your consciousness for good is to be present. Be present in this moment, knowing that infinite possibilities are unfolding for you based on the frequency you’re emanating. Be present to what comes up. Your programming will be presented as you are present. 

Beliefs will be shown to you, and you can keep them if you want, or replace with more empowering ones. Emotions will come up, rising to the top like oil on water. You can try pushing it back down, but it’s in its nature to rise up. 

Be present with your emotions. You don’t have to believe that doing anything will make them go away or fix your feelings in any way. Just be present to them. For everything that comes up, there is a room in your mind where a child experienced that and s/he just wants to make peace with you. Do that. 

Everything happens in the present. The past has passed, and if the future’s so great, why ain’t it here now? Because you’re creating it every single brand new moment. You can access eternal time for the highest and best unfolding of your life! All of it. Every possibility is available to you right fucking now! 

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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