A Friendly Universe?

Inside a small shop, a man worked hard his whole life crafting the tiniest things. It was his passion. Not only did he create something beautiful, even functional, but he did it again and again. Each creation was completely unique.

His was a true craft-a labor of love. He spent endless hours at his small workbench creating works of mechanical art. From the tiniest pieces of gears and springs, he painstakingly assembled the finest timepieces. They were as beautiful and unique as they were accurate. Every single moving part was put together with such precision that they worked perfectly.

And nobody ever saw this part of his craft. That's because the moving parts are all so neatly tucked away that we don't need to see them. He created masterpieces. Each one had an interface-the part that we interact with. You don't need to see the craftsmanship behind the interface, but you see it represented in the perfect functionality of the timepiece and the artful craftsmanship of the entire piece.


This is exactly how the universe works. All of the little gears we don't see because they're working behind the scenes are there-as forces, dark matter, and dark energy. You still have yet to figure out how all of these pieces work together to make the universe such a beautiful machine. But that's in prefect alignment with where you need to be right now. This is why the universe has a friendly interface.

Just like the face of a finely crafted watch, with the intricate gears hiding behind it, the universe you see is this interface. And it is customizable. You choose to see this interface as friendly to life or hostile. Is a timepiece just counting down to your death? Is the universe cold and dark, devoid of life? Or is it perfectly what it needs to be in the moment for life to exist and thrive? You decide.

How you answer reveals a lot about your social conditioning. About how you've let your personal experiences shape your reality. And that determines what you see in this interface. And that can also change. Taking things personally can lead to a limited viewpoint. An expanded awareness will reveal the hidden complexities and secrets of the universe however. And you just know I'm gonna spill right now!

What if everything we think is inhospitable is just some of the gears necessary to make the whole work as a functioning device? When we look into regions of space filed with stellar winds of hot gases, it may look unfriendly. But that's what the universe needs to create stars. When this machine starts, stars create atoms necessary to form planets and solar systems. Generations of stars live and die just to make the atoms you are made of. And even more energy goes into the evolution of atoms into complex biomolecules that form life as e know it.

So even though we cannot find life elsewhere in the universe yet, it is not a sign to give up. It is a lesson to examine our own circumstances. We live in a region of space where conditions are perfect for life! Realizing this changes our perception of a cold dark universe now, doesn't it? All of those turning gears are doing so to create this little pocket of life. We are the interface-the product of the craftsmanship of this machine. And this gives us new insight in what to look for and how to perceive the universe. Everything in this place is working on your behalf right here and now.

Even as we look to the most basic of particles, we see how virtual particles cycle in and out of existence as matter and antimatter. In theory, these two souls be equal. But then nothing could exist. They would cancel each other out. But we're here, aren't we? That's because there's more matter than antimatter. The universal scale is tipped in your favor! It goes further than that as we examine our sweet spot in the solar system, even in our galaxy. Everything is so perfect right here and now!

Ok want a bonus advance secret right now? So far, we talked about how everything works like a finely crafted timepiece with the interface being the part we perceive to support life. But who is the craftsman? Does this argument support the existence of God? Or what if this isn't even relevant? Can one be scientific and believe? Whatever your belief or disbelief is, I invite you right now to ask how it serves you. Is it shaping the reality of the cold dark universe? Is it creating a positive reality? What is the intent of the picture you are creating from your belief (and remember, disbelief is still a belief)? What do you get from this intent? Keep looking for the highest intent.

This part may surprise you.

It doesn't matter what you choose to believe. You are crafting your own masterpiece using your own belief system as a tool. You are creating your own personal reality. You are the craftsman of this machine. You are the creator of your own universe. Your awakening and expanded awareness are like upgraded tools in your own creative perception. It is your choice to simply create your own lifeless reality or to create life. Simply let it be. Learn your craft better and better with every moment of your life right here and now.

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You are the creator of your own life.

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