A Message from the Omnipresence

I'm a scientific intuitive. And as difficult as it is in times like this, intuition gives us the ability not just to see the future, but to see the possibilities of many futures all at once. There's a lot going on right now on Earth. You are invited to travel with me throughout the universe and beyond to see the big picture of the ripple ceffects we are creating right now...


Earth Consciousness

Gaia is more than a scientific hypothesis. She is consciousness. She is living. Just like how millions of gut bacteria thrive inside of you to keep you healthy, you have the same role as an individual in this planet. Gut bacteria actually have more of a role than previously thought when it comes to the health and we'll being of the brain. As an individual, each of us serves the health and we'll being of this natural intelligence. 

She regulates her health with cycles. Cycles of weather patterns. Cycles of natural disasters. And even cycles of extinctions. From her perspective, she needs her cycles to move forward through time in order to grote and evolve. As above, so below. Humanity serves a very important purpose in these cycles. And we are a natural product of her. We may even be helping her regulate her temperature by warming most of the planet. 

Like her, we must find balance or she will find other ways of serving her intelligence for the highest and best good. As with waves on a beach, each comes in bringing new deposits and washes away some of the old. Waves function in two ways together: constructive or destructive interference. One strengthens the wave while the other cancels itself out. For our part, we want to af to this wave of pure love. To do so, our lesson is to learn to love harmoniously with the land, water, and air. 


Harmony is connectedness with one divine love. As it should be. And we all know that not all of our actions have been in perfect harmony. But this serves our lessons perfectly, and that is how wet grow and evolve. 

Part of our evolutionary process right now is seeing and recognizing how our disharmonious energies have been manifesting in different ways. Your subconscious mind is bringing you lessons. And collectively, we are seeing lessons manifest around the world in our actions. Our words. Our beliefs. We are creating our reality, and here's why we're seeing what we're seeing right now...

Humanity has been served lessons again and again for millenia. What we haven't learned from has been repeated. To get the lesson through, the collective subconscious mind will accelerate the learnings. What started as soft is now a direct hard blow to us all. And that's manifesting now as world war. About a century of modern world war so far. 

The leaders we've chosen have been based on fear, anger, hatred, and the illusion of division and separation. Our collective mind sees togetherness, as does Gaia. Yet we've been pretending not to know this. We've been fighting over false borders, false gods, and imbalanced use of natural resources. These actions have brought us to a fulcrum-a tipping point. Our actions are creating waves that may oppose the natural waves of our evolution, canceling us out. Or we wake up and fix things. Or while still asleep, our subconscious mind steps in to do this and in the process, wake us up. 

"If things had not happened in this way, you wouldn't have awakened!"

  - Michael Bernard Beckwith

A little help from above

Our higher consciousness stepped in. But the only way to understand why is to view from a higher perspective. Because I gotta say from here, it's really fucked up! And given that is so painful to see what humans are doing to each other right now, wouldn't you want to learn new wowing and healthy ways to see human evolution not only for our survival, but for the highest and best intent that serves or evolution? 

We threw a monkey wrench into the gears of the human machine and here's why: It's destructive. Plain and simple. You know it just as well as I. We were heading down a path of global war, destruction, and over utilization of Earth's resources. Most of the free world gets to vote on their leaders, even when the systems aren't perfect. Humans must pick and choose based on the values of leaders that are presented on the ballots. 
Sometimes one value gets prioritized over another human value. Information is presented to us in such a way to focus only on what the candidates have put forward, distracting us from the big picture. In America, a candidate was rejected, and what seems like a victory for hate and bigotry is actually the lesson in disguise. You see, she was part of the old system. She is part of the war machine. Secret wars are waged upon the world every day with millions of innocent people dying. Through media manipulation, the public knows little of this. But we know. Deep down, we know. Many chose to ignore this to fight against another form of hate. 

But when we fight against hate, it wins. Our so it seems. We have just witnessed the cancellation of a possible future outcome of global nuclear war between the US, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Iran, and others. But you might not even know it. Your higher self does. The monkey wrench was the destructive interference that canceled out this future wave. 

Now it's time to bring up all our shit to the surface

When we heal with our subconscious programming, we literally rewrite the brain's neural pathways. The subconscious first finds the negative programming that may have served you in the past but no longer does. You know how? The ego. That voice in your head-the self talk-that you think is bad. It isn't. It's serving it's purpose. Its bringing your shit up to the surface for processing by the higher consciousness. You literally replace old negative programs with new positive ones. 

And guess what? Our collective subconscious mind has manifested just that for the healing of our nation, our world, and humanity itself. Just like how the ego brings up things for processing in your subconscious, there's a mechanism by which angels (your superconsciousness) bring up things to heal us all. It's happening now. Everything we're seeing is a process of this. And it's happening because we are ready to heal!

Values change
Throughout generations, our value and belief systems evolve. Some may compete, while others cooperate in symbiotic relationships. The latter will survive. The values that no longer serve us, like hate and bigotry, are dying. They're going extinct. They are creating destructive waves in the collective consciousness. However, we ate witnessing right now a fight being put up by these values by the generations still clinging onto them. It is a dying giant gasping for its last breath. It surges for power. It attempts to take control. But it's not string enough. So it puts all its energy into this final battle. 

As the old values kill themselves off, just watch. Witness. Trying to fight back with hate and anger only strengthens the old values again. They're dinosaurs in a tarpit. If you reach in, you get pulled in with them. Note is time to eleven the old values with new empowering ones. We no longer need to be against injustice, rather, for justice. We're standing together globally in numbers like never before. We're installing new values. We are collaborating to not only survive, but to thrive. 

This is our day and age. We must stand together for humanity and our Mother Earth. Although it looks like chaos, know this: Life starts with chaos. Consciousness arises from chaos. We are witnessing the rebirth of life through us and our positive values and beliefs. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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