"I help entrepreneurs and professionals overcome blocks, giving you new empowering ways to create a better now"

You're curious about discovering how to reach your optimal flow state to create even more success in your business, career, and/or relationships, aren't you? You may be experiencing success and desire more, but what are you doing to bring it fully into the now? Maybe you've been on the path of personal growth, business training and are looking for ways to clear your blocks and implement. Well those blocks were never yours in the first place. I can analyze your processs, hack your neurobiology and help you release what's been holding you back! That's what the Omniverse is all about—giving you a whole new perspective from the possibilities of infinity.

I'm David Bertolacci and as a scientific intuitive I help people like you to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs and clear your way to success. I work with people of all walks of life to help manifest increasing abundance. To clear blocks around money and relationships. To transcend limiting beliefs, self doubt and increase self-worth. I believe everybody can be as successful as you desire and it's actually not difficult to do. Just play with some fun exercises and workshops, each custom-created to target your specific patterns of behavior, turn off old unwanted patterns and create all new neural pathways in your brain for new empowering behaviors. We'll take walls down block-by-block and make roads with them for smooth traveling in no time at all.

When you work with Omniverse workshops you'll have access to replays anytime, lifetime support and of course, unconditional love. As we work together, I'll encourage you to really love yourself, your process and empower your life purpose. As soon as you go through just one exercise, you'll already be experiencing the change you desire. And you'll get results from every one that you do with me. This really is the secret formula to everything you've been working towards. All it takes is one step to transform yourself right now. You do something you've never done before...


The Omniverse is the big picture of our universe. It is the path of ascension that our universe traveled just to get to the point where modern science thinks is the beginning. Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse is a monumental step forward for science, proposing the Omniverse model. David Bertolacci, the author and founder of the Omniversal Enlightenment platform, cracked the secret code of the universe. The meaning goes far beyond science, into how we live our lives. Several blessings came to David for teaching the science of the Omniverse and the transformational powers this knowledge can give us.


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