Achieve Enlightenment through Science


Some of the greatest scientists of all time feared that their work brought them too close to their maker.  Such a fear, of finding God, the Source, the Creator, or whatever you prefer to call it, actually stopped some from going forward with their work.  Einstein feared his work brought him too close to God.

Why would someone stop based on fear?  This can be fueled by misconceptions of religion.  Perhaps it was acceptable for prophets, but people have belittled themselves in the presence of the almighty.  Why?  We all have prophetic abilities built-in!  These abilities, such as thought, allow us to ponder about the creation of life, and even the universe itself.  However, many in history have been punished for such thoughts.  Copernicus was imprisoned after proposing that the Earth revolved around the Sun, which was viewed as heresy by the Middle-aged church.  Again, why?

Religions arose as a community to share abundance.  The recent discovery of Göbekli Tepe, some of the world’s oldest known structures, caused us to redefine how societies formed.  This 13,000 year old civilization was actually formed around religion.  Hunter-gatherers and agricultural societies intermingled socially and shared in abundance for the entire community.  This is a great example of how we evolved by cooperating instead of competing.  From this accomplishment, religion grew into philosophy and education, and we started asking about our origins.  But when religion controlled how people thought, the people found other avenues for further studies, like alchemy and science, as time progressed.  But today, even the scientific establishment can be dogmatic, and people argue between science and religion, forming an apparent gap between the two.

This apparent divide was created by humanity when new ideas arose that did not go with convention, or seemingly contradicted old knowledge.  However, the new and old ways were simply describing the same thing – how we came to be.  Even today, when new information is presented, we must decide if modern science or religion agrees.  Will we further divide ourselves because some will hold onto old ideals and descriptions of the universe?  Even the definition of life itself?

Those who choose to embrace the path of new thought and are willing to study new information without bias will experience the greatest reward – ground-breaking knowledge.  By going beyond where former scientists had stopped themselves, we will experience the unknown, bringing us closer to the source.  In doing so, we can look back and see that religion and science were founded on the same thing – coming together to describe the unknown.

The misconception may arise in one’s mind that a separation exists, but in reality it isn’t there.  We are simply describing the same thing in different ways.  The next step is to realize that learning more about us and our universe is what we were born to do!  It will never take us away from the divine, and knowledge will never replace God.  The more information we obtain only supplements the unknown, serving the collective purpose of religion, alchemy, and science.  Therefore, it brings us closer to the Source!  There is no need to fear or persecute others for advancing the consciousness of humanity.  To see for yourself, take the journey within to experience the universe – practice meditation and let your mind run free!  Break free from shackles others impose to limit your thought.

This is my path.  I belong to no institution.  I belong to you!  I am spiritually-minded yet my work is based in scientific principles.  I was able to view the universe in a different way, discovering it like a child.  I found the big picture that changes everything we know about the universe – because I do not fear.  I invite all to join the new age of discovery, the Independence Age, as we usher in a new revolution of thought.  This is the Omniverse!  My story and scientific proposal are soon to be released in my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse – What Happened before the Big Bang.  For more information, please follow my fb page ( or go to  Thank you for reading!

 – Change your perspective, change your universe.

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