Akashic OS

If our consciousness works like computer code, up to and including advanced energy forms and even the laws of physics, wouldn’t it make sense that there’s some sort of filing system to the superconsciousness? Physically, we know that information can’t be lost. According to physics, everything-even energy-is broken down to pure information that can never be destroyed. It simply is.


How can we access the data of all there is in a way that supports our highest and best good for even more advancement of our knowledge? Let’s ask a black hole. These creatures are some of the universe’s wisest and oldest living beings and like us, are the afterlife of stars. They have a very special talent. As they consume, they break down all matter and light that enter their event horizon. It was once thought that black holes actually destroyed energy, which would violate laws of physics. For decades, physicists argued over it. String Theory offered a possible explanation in which information is spread across the event horizon when matter and energy are transmuted into pure bits of information. And very recently, Steven Hawking just announced that he found a way that black holes preserve information. He was the one saying information was lost originally.

Ok, so what does the black hole mean? It is a microcosm of the universal filing system for information. A smaller data cache, so to speak. Through a universal network of black holes, data can be cached and organized. And here’s one of the universe’s greatest tricks. I unveiled this secret in Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. The universe is a singularity, similar to a black hole. In the Omniverse, a super massive white hole ejects this singularity. When it gets to the white hole’s event horizon, all of the information in the singularity-that’s all of the information in the universe-is spread across this event horizon.

That’s our real universe! We don’t see it though. From the pure information spread out on the white hole’s event horizon, our universe is projected as transmutation of information into energy, matter, dark energy, and dark matter. A holographic image. Everything is just a layer of pure information. That is the filing system! And you wanna know what makes this even better? That is our consciousness! All of this information is available to us all the time. We just need to know how to access the data. Well, there’s a way.

The universe already has it figured out. Good thing you’re the universe, right? That means we all have this knowledge built right in, encoded in every bit of information of every subatomic particle and photon that makes us. Since ancient times, humans have known of the Akashic Records, an angelic hall of records containing all of the information in the universe. Angels are like scripts running to file data in the Akashic Records. We have access to the scripts and access to the data. Built-in knowledge. Our consciousness.

Wow. So how do we use this knowledge? How do we store information? Pretty much everything is already there, because this is the universe of pure beauty behind the veil of illusion. To use this level of consciousness when we are ready, and whenever this is will be the perfect time for each of us, we simply set the intention by asking the angels to access the data or to take something away that no longer serves us, which will be stored in the hall of records. There are angels especially for this purpose.

Who wants a bonus advanced teaching about the eighth level of consciousness? Up until now, we have been experiencing all of the levels of consciousness in terms of duality. Positives and negatives. It’s so deeply ingrained, even the laws of physics need opposites in order to make matter and energy. But now, the data has gone through a new filter. Inside the event horizon, this filter only allows information through. No judgments. No negatives. Just pure unbiased information. Duality is no longer reality. The Akashic OS transmutes everything into this pure information.

That leaves me wondering, what is the nature of this pure information? It is the basis of all kinds of attraction, without being divided into opposites. There’s only one thing in the universe that can do that. It’s love. When it comes down to it, all things in this universe are love. We came from love and we return to love. But that’s a whole nuther level in and of itself! Stay tuned, 9 is next!

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