Wouldn’t it be great to feel that everything is working in your favor every moment of each day? What if there was a way to experience this feeling even more as you venture forth on the journey of your divine path? Are you ready for the most mind-blowing, self empowering wisdom that makes this not only possible, but navigates the universes of quantum probabilities to make it happen? Are you completely free of objection in the whole of your mind, body, and spirit?

I have a treat for you! If you are reading this right now, then there is a 100% chance that you are already doing this, maybe even without knowing it. It is our subconscious belief programming that creates synergy with the lessons we need to learn in order to follow our divine path. This is alignment!


First, clearing limiting beliefs will help you with this process. Every negative belief pattern can be tested and replaced with a positive one. For example, let’s say you’re skeptical about this whole alignment thing. Maybe we can’t have everything go our way all of the time. What if I was to tell you that this is a limiting belief that can actually attract the wrong thing? Have you ever thought that life isn’t fair? This is a limiting belief. There is a lesson to go with it and a positive program to replace it.

First the lesson: the universe is imbalanced. It’s just that simple. Our perception reads into this to attract which side of the imbalanced scale we are on. Now, when we pull the program, ‘life’s not fair,’ we can replace it with ‘the universe is imbalanced in my favor.’

I can give you hard scientific evidence backed by empirical data to show you this is indeed the true nature of the universe! The secret of the universe is in the little things… Quite literally, in fact. When the universe forms itself into structure from energy, it creates little packets of energy vibrations. These become the building blocks for things like quarks, which build protons and neutrons, and leptons, which can be electrons or photons. Every quanta of energy comes in one of two flavors before it is decided which type of particle it will be. Each quanta exists as a virtual particle – energy that flows in between states of the particle and its antiparticle. But the trick is that the universe has a natural tendency for particles to outweigh the antiparticles.

If antimatter were equal to matter, and the universe was fair and balanced, then life as we know it could not exist. Particles and their antiparticles would cancel each other out. So, by creating a system of natural imbalance, the universe is able to build matter capable of sustaining life. In other words, the scales are tilted in our favor!

So right now your brain is being rewired using new neural pathways, based on the belief that the system is imbalanced in our favor. Yes, your life is the favored outcome! With this new belief taking hold, your subconscious automatically predicts outcomes from the field of infinite possibilities that are aligned with your highest and best good. When the subconscious makes these predictions, it knows what it reacting to before the consciousness does. This is how the subconscious is used to attract! Simply changing your perception rewires your brain and actually changes the universe around you!

Want more? There’s tons of good stuff happening right here, right now! This is just the beginning – a sensor shift of infinite possibilities, aligning you with even more peace, love, and knowledge. The universe is a statistical system of infinite possibilities. What we observe is simply the most likely outcome based on what we attract. And how we attract starts with our beliefs, but goes so much further… When you are ready to master your skills, you will see all possibilities all the time!

The universe isn’t just a universe like you’ve been told. There are parallel universes that are interconnected to our reality. Not separate. Each universe has different possibilities of outcomes based on what you are experiencing at any given moment. When you are open to the possibilities, you learn to let go of attachments. In doing so, you create attraction. When you do this, you are aligning yourself with parallel universes full of the most probable possibilities associated with your highest and best good on your divine path. Simply trust the process… This is how the quantum universe works!

Simply step into this reality with the outcome already there for your highest and best good. Feel what is like to experience this with gratitude in your heart. I will always be there to guide you. And just in case you’re wondering, this will be covered in my advanced workshops!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

To see the true nature of the universe is to experience the most incredible raw beauty!

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