Always Be Your Best

In the midst of my breath, focusing on the space in-between and getting ready to dance to some awesome beats, I found a nice little breakthrough moment so powerful that i just had to share. These are just simply awesome. And sharing means that i can help others going through things like me. I think one thing we can all agree on is that we’ve experienced heartbreak in some form during our lives. This is how we heal.


Always give. Giving doesn’t have to mean giving away. In fact, when focusing on abundance, you’ll notice how there are no limits to what you can give, especially when it’s love. It’s ok. Give a little love. Give a lot. There will always be more from an infinite source.

Accept changes. I grew angel wings. Shit you not! In the sprout of giving, i have been giving not only love, but tons of healing energy. It’s something that naturally flows. In the work I’ve been doing, i enjoy this so much. After housing a beautiful soul to the light and during a full moon meditation, i felt some odd shoulder pain. I want stretching them, but it felt like it. They were very warm and the circulation there was increasing. Then i simply felt energy grow. I use these for the power of hugs now 😉

Be open to signs. Today a friend and i saw some really incredible signs at my house. We saw a bright white flash of light. In a mirror. It literally came from the mirror. The light was in front of us in the reflection, and they’re was nothing between us and the mirror. It was the first of many signs. I was being introduces to a new guide. Later i heard the words “her special nickname is Diane.” I welcome my new spirit guide.

Be your best. This creates such a powerful ripple effect that everything around you changes. Always give your best and always be your best. I realized that when i found myself in repeating patterns, i don’t act the same. Specifically, this is about love and exes. When i met a person in the past, her ex would usually come back. Sometimes the relationship lasted. Sometime’s it didn’t. But i survived. Everything that’s every happened did so in the perfect way to deliver me right here to this present moment. And the same can be said with you.

When you find yourself in situations like this, focus on the positive outcome. Always come from a place of abundant love and it comes back multifold. Chances are we are conning together to heal each other. Nothing is by accident and everything had a purpose that serves your greater good. It’s synchronistic.

So knowing that there’s a purpose allows you to become increasingly aware of the ways you can help another. Someone’s by holding space. Sometimes by holding the one you love. That is why this breakthrough is so powerful yet amazingly simple. Because when you go into this situation always giving your best, the person you are with will always get your best! You have the post to control this completely!

And now in this new light of awareness, doesn’t it just feel great knowing that being your most authentic, loving, and healing self is, was, and always will be within your power? And wouldn’t it feel great sharing this so the world always gets your best? Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


Love the universe you’re in. Love the universe in you.


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