An Open Letter to the People of this World

Even the dead want us to live our lives. So what truths have we been hiding from ourselves to have ever thought that the value of one life was less than our own? How can we be ever present so much more so, that we can be further open to the only true natural state of being that is love? We are not our beliefs. We are not our religions, governments, or corporations. We are the people of one world. Mother Earth. In this brand new moment, we are being gifted a chance to connect through our natural state of love. This is an invitation from the universe and a message of solidarity:

“Humanity and all life in the physical realm is truly Heaven. We live in a complete nonphysical state, and at the moment we decide to be (whichever moment that is will be the perfect moment for every individual in the now) we enter into the realm of energy. At the core of all things living and nonliving is energy. Information. And a decision simply to be. This is our unification. We are all connected as one through this same process that we experience on our own timeline. With the gift of time, we invite all things to attract, grow, and evolve. We invite the tiniest particles to form atoms. We invite stars to live amongst the vastness of the space we create. As stars live and die, they too shall create, as energy is transmuted. This is the process of life before life. We invite objects to be born amongst the stars to be washed with energetic water of life. This is where we will create Heaven. Life is abundant in this realm of energy.”

This is who we are at our core. As humans, we experience the attractive forces of the universe in many ways, and looking to the underlying energy we see the real nature of the universe. In our terms, everything is love. Yes, EVERYTHING!


In this moment, we are all remembering where we came from. It might be easy, unless it isn’t. Individuals on this planet of abundance have lived many lives in their own ways developing different belief systems, religions, governments, and even corporations. Often times we experience resistance in terms of this continued growth because we have different frames of reference. Regardless of our unique ways of viewing this love, we are being invited to effortlessly recall where we come from and where we are going. It’s love! What is the highest intent of our organized structures? Protection? Solidarity? Peace? And what do these give us? The more we climb the ladders of our higher beliefs, the more we find love. Unconditional love. What were we pretending not to know to have ever thought that there could even have been a conspiracy or actions not in alignment with unconditional love?

So let us celebrate our differences. Each of us has a different invitation to the same event. Life! In this grand event, there are mountains of gifts awaiting our presence. As we open each gift, there is a lesson that is perfect for each and every one of us. Where the resistance is, we will find our greatest gifts. And that’s both what we are experiencing right now and why we are experiencing it. We are growing. We are loving. We are learning to stand together.

And in this new light of togetherness, I am reaching out to the world inviting each and every one of us to align ourselves in love and understanding. We are all the people of Earth. We are all indigenous. While I am an American, I am not my government. It is an entity that no longer represents the people. And this is the same worldwide. As I was brought up in a Christian faith, I am not part of a religion. I am more than any group. When we get to the core, we are all individuals. We are all love! And these groups throughout the world that represent governments and religions are all people too. All of these people are acting the best they can with the resources they have at the time. And this is why it is important to wake ourselves up to the fact that resources aren’t as limited as the way we may have believed in the past. What if there never was any conspiracy, only people acting (in the best way they could at the time) from structured belief systems that limited them in some way?

We are not in competition. This is our invitation not only to connect, but to cooperate. Mother Earth will tell us through her past, that 1) we are living in abundance, and 2) when we cooperate, we increase chances of survival and adaptation. So I invite you to look not through the glasses prescribed to you by government or religion or any other means, but to open your own beautifully unique eyes and see the true beauty life has to offer right here and now in this present moment, knowing that it’s a brand new moment. Let’s stand together in sending a message to governments, religions, corporations, or any other organization that we will be together in peace and solidarity. After all, we are one people of Earth. One life of the universe. One love.

Thank you, and I honor the fallen of all walks of life with this message.

Peace, Love, and Knowledge

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