Ancient Secrets Backed by Science

Our perception is influenced by our own cognitive process according to new research. In other words, our perception shapes our reality. What is reality really then? It is the field of infinite possibilities. All possible variations of space and time existing all at once. However, our brain cannot understand that much information at once, so our cognitive processes are made in such a way to create a perceived order out of this chaos. We learn to selectively choose the information that filters into our brain through our perception. We create our reality with our thoughts! We each have our own view of reality based on what we delete, distort, and generalize from this field of infinite possibilities. This is one of the corner stones of Neurolinguistic Programming. Now neuroscience backs this by showing how it perception is shaped when the brain learns information (


Where else has this been coming up in our past? The science before science, known as alchemy, was a spiritual tradition of deep longstanding wisdom. One of the main principles of alchemy was that perception creates reality. Something we’re finding today in quantum physics ( and now neuroscience. This is consciousness. Perception—thought—creating the reality we observe. These concepts go back even further. For thousands of years we have carried on the teachings through the world’s religions. You see, modern society was formed as humanity was emerging from the ice age and hunter/gatherer societies and agricultural communities came together, sharing and praising abundance. This is how religion started. It is how modern civilization started about 13,000 years ago. And we knew then how powerful our creative abilities are, even back then.

Traditions were carried on for millennia by spoken word and emergence of written language. Elojim was the word used in the Hebrew Bible, There wasn’t God saying “let there be light” until more recent translations. There were only the words “light be” upon which the universe reflected back “be light.” This is the ancient way of telling us that our consciousness has the innate ability to create our reality from the field of infinite possibilities. Don’t believe me now? We experience this phenomenon when we die, as others like me have brought back knowledge from near death experiences. I even experience this without dying. It is a state of mind so powerful that any option is presented with all possible outcomes giving me the opportunity to surf through the possibilities and create the outcome aligned with my highest and best purpose. This is the way to surf the infinite parallel universes, and I can show you how.

When we go back into our past, we find ourselves taking a journey within the self to explore what we really are, now that the veil of illusion has been lifted. Our human form is an aspect of what we are. Everything we perceive programs our minds, creating our physical form in such a way that we observe it exactly as is. We experience our time in a linear fashion. Our atoms and our bodies eventually decay in this timeline. Only our essence remains—the part of us that is not physical. We can measure its physical effects. Thought, although not physical, can be measured in our brainwaves. And by the very laws of nature, this energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So what then is it?

There is a natural rhythm to everything. Seasons, circadian clocks, and even vibrational pulses between neurons that form thought. Pure energy. All of our physical nature is broken down into vibrations. Cells are made of complex molecules composed of atoms built by subatomic particles. We can break these particles down even smaller into quarks, gluons, and leptons. When we dissect these, we find vibrating strings. The vibrations are pure energy. And the energy is linked to the underlying energy of the entire universe. The part that cannot be created or destroyed. This is the realm of pure information. Information is the backbone of all things ( It is our essence. Here’s another interesting synchronicity: The Akashic Records are known as the angelic realm where all information is stored. Information never goes away. Even in black holes, information is always preserved.

When we find this underlying energy within ourselves, we are literally tapping into the universe. This is how consciousness works! But we have to lift the veil of illusion first. We find ourselves thinking in terms of self-awareness, but this is only one aspect of consciousness. Our “conscious” mind only controls about 5% of ourselves. Our subconscious is like a computer code that stores and runs programs, controlling the rest of our lives. But this is only within the realm of perceived reality. We go further than that into the consciousness of nature (Gaia Hypothesis). Angels and the laws of physics are aspects of higher consciousness, and even all that is. When we get through all of the layers of maya (the illusion), we find that everything is consciousness. And our minds are vessels with which this pure information is transmitted to, like an antenna. Consciousness is the broadcast. It is that which flows through the media of time and space.

Why am I saying all of this? Because this knowledge is a state within us all, and through my upcoming workshops, our collective vibration will be raised. Follow and for more. Thanks for reading and sharing!



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