Are You Shifting to Higher Dimensions?

New views change the world. Your perception shapes your reality. And there's a trick to how this paradigm works. 

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Once it was thought that the world was flat. It was thought that the solar system revolved around Earth. And that was our entire universe. And then someone changed everything with new views. Moons orbit around planets, and planets orbit the sun. Everything's round. This changed everything! 
This wasn't just a discovery. It was an entire shift in perception from 2 dimensions to 3. From flat to curved. This one shift dramatically changed how we perceive our universe, and this viewpoint kept changing over time. Humanity discovered our galaxy, the Milky Way. We discovered how matter and energy interchange. We discovered everything from the tiniest subatomic particles to large super clusters in the universe filled with other galaxies like ours. We discovered habitable planets everywhere. And wet still are! 

We're on the brink of another shift in perception. We have viewed the universe in terms of shapes that the human mind can understand, like spheres, lines, and planes. We have been fitting the universe into our mold based on our understanding. And just like how the Earth isn't flat, we're going to discover that neither are planes. And there's even more to spheres than what we've allowed ourself to perceive in the past up until now. Our old views had served us well. So what if we acknowledge this and let go of our beliefs based on old ways of thinking, like geometry? 

The dimensional shift is simply changing the way in which we view things. A sphere isn't a sphere, just like it isn't flat. That's because the dimensions aren't flat. We've been looking at spheres all wrong. They're really just 2 dimensional surfaces wrapped around a focal point. Kinda like you. You're a whole universe wrapped around a focal point of consciousness. 

You know how we represent the curved surface on a map? You can stack dimensions in this way. Take the 2 dimensional surface of Earth represented on a map. Now view this projection wrapped around another curved surface. This process repeats infinitely. We live in a fractal universe. Patterns are repeated on many scales. As above, so below. We've known for a long time, and now is the time for this knowledge to spread. 

The new shift in perception is happening because are learning to overcome the limitations of 3 dimensional perception. And with this comes a new view of the universe and beyond. As we stack multiple dimensions, we see how the universe as a whole is a process much the same. Notice how you can imagine the entire universe mapped out onto a 2 dimensional surface. Now plot that map on a new curved surface. Shine a light from inside the curved surface, and viola, the universe we know today appears in its projection! This is the next big thing. The universe is a holographic projection from the universe's focal point. This is what it means to create reality! It's simply a higher understanding of the process. It's a shift in perception. It's multidimensional awareness. 

The Earth isn't flat. It isn't really round either. These were just ways we understood it in the past. And in the light of your new awareness, notice how you can view how the multidimensional projection of the universe contextualizes into curved surfaces that make energy and matter. The universe isn't flat. It isn't round either. It's a projection. That's what the shift is all about. 


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