Are You Spiritually Gifted?

I am deeply grateful and honored to have this opportunity to share with open-minded individuals everywhere. Ever since I embarked upon a new journey and quest to explain the true nature of the universe, I have been amazed at how the story of my life has unfolded. Like many, I have been through dark times and learned the hard way how to honor my emotions not to gain strength from my experiences, but to be vulnerable and gain insight. And this insight allows me to share life’s lessons without having to be a perfect example. And on this path, I have encountered so many others having similar experiences in life. It is confirmation that I am an important part of people’s lives and a natural healer. Have you noticed how many people are now coming out of the spiritual closet and embracing their natural healing abilities? Even more people each day are waking up and living lives of service for the highest and best good of communities, humanity, and the environment. This is our time to shine!

Today I am inspired to share with you some very simple guidelines to assist those in following their path. This is important because the reality is that we are all spiritually gifted. It is merely a process of recognizing the natural abilities within oneself. What I can do is show you how to realize the greatness within. It can manifest itself in all walks of life – community service, communication, entrepreneurship, science, or anything. This process of awakening will simply allow you to reach your fullest potential by releasing limiting beliefs that block yourself from attaining your goals.

How we apply this process will be a series of steps to identify negative subconscious programming and replace with positive programs. For example, many of us are socially conditioned to be polarized, or to choose one side versus the other. Although, a different approach would be to view the sides as opposite ends of a pole, like north and south poles of a magnet. They each describe the whole. This helps to balance the viewpoint. If you were walking a tightrope, you would want to be balanced, right? A common duality misconception I observe is science versus religion. Both have attempted to explain the origins of the universe, the solar system, and life. Both use analogies to communicate complex processes. The real misconception is the belief that one must pick a side. Instead, find a balanced position you are comfortable with. And this may just be the tipping point we need to end the negative programming in our minds and create a more loving positive system of beliefs. By healing ourselves, we create the space to heal those around us. This is a gift!


You don’t have to be spiritual to realize this. You don’t need to be religious or scientific. Whatever your passion is, I implore you to follow it. We don’t need to label it – we already have psychic mediums, indigo and crystal children, and all kinds of things. I am a scientist, so I have made a career of labeling things. But all we really need is to just be. You don’t need to talk to angels. You don’t need messages from anything other than your pure essence. This is your true beauty! This is your thought beyond the social programming that limits you. It is simply your consciousness. No matter who you are or what your background is, I will show you how you can realize your highest potential. We are all spiritually gifted! All you need to do is break free and use your innate ability of free, independent thought.

My webinars are going to focus on lessons I found in the process of writing my book about how the universe started before the Big Bang. Entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, the book explores infinite possibilities brought to us by the nature of the universe. But there is so much more than the science behind the universe. We can manifest anything using the properties of the universe that I learned, like quantum physics and parallel universes. We can observe synchronicities and rather than dismiss as coincidence, accept as confirmation. My workshops are going to take these lessons a step further. Many more people these days are becoming more aware and able to hear messages from angels and spirit guides. I have found that those who do not hear messages are actually even more spiritually gifted. Their minds understand beyond the perception of the spoken word. Simply put, these people live on a higher vibration. Rather than being lifted up by angels, this energy holds the consciousness at an even higher vibrational energy, thus allowing the mind to channel the pure highest consciousness of the self. I will show us how to interpret visual cues and life’s synchronicities. This was how I came to understand the Omniverse and myself. And it can do the same for all of us.

For even more, go to and follow Thank you for reading and sharing. Most importantly, thank you for being exactly who you are!


About the Author:

David Bertolacci is a Geologist, Environmental Scientist, a natural spiritual healer, and an empowering speaker. Geology and Environmental Science were just a start for the path of gaining knowledge about our universe. He has always asked the question about the how the creation of the universe unfolded.

He gained knowledge of the universe for nearly two decades by self-studying astronomy, physics, materials science and many spiritual concepts. His combination of logical methods with a spiritual approach led to the Omniverse proposal being molded into existence. When this work was set forth, he believed we could make the Omniverse model into a reality. With the controversial new book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, he did.

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