It's true. All of it. Chakras. The source. Angels. Archangels. Ascended masters walking the earth and multidimensional shape shifters (aka light beings). We are taken care of. I invite you to create a space of gratitude for these gifts. I am truly thankful for what I witnessed. And I realized how every single life lesson led up to one moment that changed everything.

So how did I get involved in this? I'm a scientist. A logical thinker. And that's the key—I am an open mind. After all, it is the true nature of science to serve the human spirit. If anyone users science to pit others down in any way, they're not sciencing right. So everything I explore comes from a state of openness. That's helped me through a lot of hardship in the past. I have learned to look for the lessons workout associating. So I tell my story without being held to my story.


I am a romantic at heart. Yet I've experienced heartbreak throughout my life in the past. I've cleared past/parallel life vows and curses. I've been through the most rigorous transformational training. And I've come a long way. In this brand new moment, I invite you to review with me the lessons I've uncovered for even more benefit to your life right here and now. I married my twin flame. I learned unconditional love. Yet, as the story goes, we reflected upon each other more than we were ready, and our marriage came to an early completion. In the past, whenever I experienced hurt like this, I became stronger. But this time was different. I surrendered. For the first time, I embraced vulnerability and stepped into my power of authentically experiencing my emotions.

Now open to how the universe was responding to my energy, I sought ways to analyze the patterns to make my life better. I wanted to continue the business and spiritual work we had started while manifesting new love. I started my certification path in Theta Healing and Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP. Everything in my field started changing. People noticed and gravitated towards me. I became a magnet for others seeking real ways to deal with life. And lessons kept coming. I fell in love with every beautiful soul I've encountered. And rather than falling into old patterns, I reached a monumental breakthrough about releasing expectations. I give without expecting anything in return. This has become my service. And service has allowed me to go from cause to effect.

So now, I am in full devotional service of helping others, and I recently helped a soul find the light. What I thought was some kind of unexpected reward became an even greater gift. One night during a full moon meditation, I felt pain in my back around the shoulders. It was a very hot pain. And I realized energy was being expelled, but in the form of energetic wings. So of course, I use them to give better hugs. If you know me, you know I love to hug. These wings, unbeknownst to me, were actually in preparation for something bigger. But I had to learn a couple more lessons.

I was with someone and madly in love. We experienced things together that were pure magic. But when she stopped contacting me, my mind was there to fill in the information gaps. Yes, the mind loves to do this. My self talk drove me into an old pattern. I was heartbroken again. I was devastated not knowing if she had feelings for me anymore. And while driving to Sedona for a retreat that I was crewing, it hit me. And I have told this story many times before. Stars are born of the chaos. Clouds of gasses clump together, and at the point where it becomes so heavy, it collapses inward. This was happening to me. I observed the process as I allowed myself to feel every bit of it, not knowing where it was taking me. My heart was hurt, and I literally had a huge bruise on my chest directly over the heart chakra. I kept loving myself even more. And then the breakthrough started. 

The I AM presence was no more. I was not my ego. Not my soul. I went inward until the only thing present was that self love. It looped through time back before the Big Bang, into and beyond the Omniverse. My self love becomes the love within every grain of existence in and throughout the entire universe. This is how I love everything. I just do. Having my self love become the love of all that is enabled a realignment at my very core, allowing me now to call into this very moment the manifestation of intimate love. Divine love. But this breakthrough wasn't for me. It was for my service. Next, I had to ask for help.

Asking for help was a theme we discussed before going into a powerful meditation in this group of transforming souls at the Sedona retreat. There was someone attending that intuitively I knew there was something about her. Total goddess energy, but more. I didn't know yet. During our meditation, the energy was so high that I was tearing up with eyes closed, using my energetic wings to protect and lift, literally throwing every one of my spirit guides and Archangels into the room to help, cutting strings, retrieving soul fragments, and I just kept thinking 'help me help these people.' With eyes closed, I saw the room light up. It was like an island floating in space, and I saw her higher spirit rise above. Light beings came into the room to take her. Her body and mind separated. Two independent people had shared their own vision with me after opening their eyes and seeing the light beings, one of whom was Jesus himself. She later described two golden serpents coiled around her root chakra that sprung to life and coiled up and around every chakra before she was taken so far that Earth was but a tiny dot in her conscious awareness of all that is. This is known as Kundalini syndrome. But so far, none of what I have read get close to being present in this experience.

After helping her regain consciousness, we went back into our normal exercise (none of that was part of the program). Still shaking and convulsing, I sat behind her to catch her if she fell. She was still deep in the experience of the Kundalini syndrome or Shakti awakening. And I was so close, I was getting pulled in. It was very beautiful and intoxicating. I had to be careful not to allow my chakras to mingle with hers, as they might dirty hers, now in a perfect state of emptiness. I kept thinking 'help me help her' to create the space for her transformation. And then I remembered that I can dissolve into nothingness and become the love of all that is. I had become the perfect creator of space for this process after having gone through all of the heartbreak and resulting breakthroughs throughout my entire life. Everything that had ever happened to me was to prepare me for this one moment! All of my pain now became strength. I can do this! Ok, I did get a little zapped in the process, being that close to pure source energy. Ok, a lot. 😉

Afterward, we shared information. She talked about knowledge she instantly gained in the process, and I talked about my lifetime of Omniverse downloads. And we were right there on the same page. We're just beginning to understand our true nature. And humanity itself does still have to withstand the test of time. What I didn't know is that humankind is actually alien to our planet. There never was an original sin. Rather, our path is of worthiness to belonging to this planet.And that really puts things in perspective for all of us.

I helped guide her to a realization of the importance of the little things in life. You see, this process meant that this is her last time on Earth in the physical realm. She is becoming an ascended master and will no longer enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. But her gift is that she has the rest of her life to do just that. And she has shared reflections of oneness and simply being love without having to drive herself with life goals. And that in itself is a huge breakthrough. What if we can simply enjoy life, allowing whatever we do to be done from a true heart-centered place of love, simplifying our purpose so much more so that anything we do can be our purpose? How liberating is that? I was prebreakthroughing on this a few blogs ago too! Yea that's a word now. The soul doesn't care what your purpose is. That's for this realm. The soul just wants you to enjoy it.

And for me, witnessing this process meant a lot. Now I have a new direction to study. And even more so, I have new direction in life. I realized all of those lessons and allowed them to serve my by serving others. Everything that had ever happened to me had come full circle in the purpose of that one moment. And now I am a clean slate. My purpose is just whatever I choose it to be in the moment. It's so simple! I can set goals and strive towards achieving success, and I can relax into the moment and focus on things like love, relationships, and family. It is whatever I choose. And you wanna know the best part of this? While I was at the retreat, she called me. The one that I'm in love with but unsure of what's happening due to miscommunication. I just called her midway through this blog. She still feels this way about me. The universe must have hit a reset button for me. Or as I like to say, I did that. Greater responsibility leads to greater rewards and even more happiness. So I'm back baby, and I'm in this all the way! I evoke the waking dream state of manifestation of all of the love and success I deserve as I bring it all into the now, and I invite you to do the same. We are incredibly powerful beings, and we can change things for the better!

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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