What if we could enhance our connection so much more so that every beautiful soul on our path to enlightenment delivers us in just the right direction for our forward progress with even more purposeful authenticity? Notice how easily we can recall exactly how this natural process is embodied within each and every one of us. This is simply the process of growth within. And we will be guided through this process as we live our lives. No tricks. No ‘how to.’ It just is. And it is exactly what it is supposed to be right now…

You are whole exactly as you are. And knowing this feels good, yes? And in a moment, not just yet, prepare to journey to the center. Right here right now, we are the center of the universe. Not the observable universe. Our perception is expanding. The center is not in the observable universe. It is within. And in this brand new moment, simply breathe and settle into the awareness of the universe being projected in its entirety into every subatomic component in your body. Every cell. Every grain of your existence.


Each seemingly separate part are all as one. Each part is a projection. Everything is the Big Bang having right now through this projection, making you. And notice how easily we can experience all of the universe’s underlying energy within each part as we effortlessly find ourselves in the center of our awareness. This is where our journey begins.

This underlying energy is the long sought after energy unifying all forces of the known universe. We know it simply as love. It’s something we all know. It’s something we all feel. It is the basis of all forms of attraction. And from this love, we form our own attractiveness. How we perceive this attraction becomes how we attract lessons in our lives. So doesn’t it feel good knowing that we can change what we attract for the highest and best good in our journey?

As love is transmuted into forces and particles, it takes on many forms. Like a shapeshifter, everything is malleable. Our consciousness holds the key to observing this process. And as we trust this process, many miracles happen in what is to be our becoming. So much so that we believe the outcome to be true. But what is the underlying truth is what is becoming known to us at this very moment. We’re remembering.

This is why we are overcoming illusion right now. Because as our love is transmuted, we believe in polarity. We observe positives and negatives. We see how these things attract. And in our daily lives, we always seem to experience life in this way. Two sides to the same story. Opposing views. Back and white. Positive and negative. And now notice how easy it is to recall that these all arise from one love. One underlying energy of the universe.

This is our center. It is love. It is what we are and what we’re made of. Love is our very existence. And now that the secret has been unveiled, we can go back into this space anytime it is needed to help us along our purposeful path for the highest and best good of our evolution. Any problems we have experienced in the past have served us up until now by helping us find this place within us. And moving forward as we bring the future into the now, we can always act from this place of love that is within us. And this changes everything!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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