Awakening Lilith

Adam and Eve weren’t the first people. The biblical story started with Adam and Lilith. She was wild and free, and he couldn’t handle her. So Eve was created to be subservient to men based on men’s misunderstanding of empowered women, aka warrior goddesses. Instead of empowering themselves by unconditionally loving women, men have been disempowering women as well as themselves and mistreating women for thousands of years. It’s not in alignment with who we really are. It’s time to bring back the spirit of Lilith!

There’s something really odd when you look beneath the surface of the old story though…

There was a time when we sought after women as leaders. Community leaders. Family leaders. Shamans and priestesses. We treated women as goddesses. However, we transitioned society into a patriarchal rule using the religious text as justification. And we’re healing from it today.

Now is the best time to give women their power. They are so much more than out modern perception. We haven’t done women justice for a very long time. I’m not talking about equal pay and insurance, which everyone deserves, but the actual re-awakening of the goddess within. It’s time that everyone learns how to step into their own power in such a way that honors and cherishes women, recognizing them not only as life-givers, but as our leaders.

Women shouldn’t have to fear when they walk alone, mistrust men’s intentions, or have to change themselves to communicate with men. Men: We are their protectors. You’ll never even know how beautiful her soul truly is until you make her feel genuinely safe. Safe to be exactly who she wants to be. To be free. You don’t let her go to see if she comes back–you let go of your attachments so she’s completely free with you.

Women’s life cycles are aligned with Mother Earth herself. When men honor the sacred feminine, it grounds us and aligns us. This creates a flow state of energy. A transmutation.

When male energy opposes feminine, it creates an energy barrier. Love is diminished. Just like how waves can cancel each other out. That’s still happening in most of the world. In our neighborhoods and homes. Except for those who don’t.

When male energy empowers feminine, it creates amplification of our waves.

And one, absofuckinglutely awesome, unified field.

We’re supposed to be making our energy stronger. Just like going to the gym. In time we grow stronger and stronger. Protecting and empowering women is your workout. Your strength comes from exercising your energy, amplifying it, and using it for good.


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