Awakening the Beast 

The powers are awakening within. We grow stronger each day. The senses are opening up to perceive in ways completely unfathomable in the past. 

I was once a victim of my own mind. I uncovered the secrets to decode the programming of the internal dialog. I found the secrets of the universe to guide others like you. The universe, you see, is nothing but love. But something big is coming and we’re being prepared by our brothers and sisters of the universe. No, I’m not talking about an alien invasion. That’s happened already. And it’s not the rapture. There’s nothing to be saved from. Not even ourselves. Everything you’ve been told about humans is wrong. 

We’re the ones making the universe ascend. Everything has a beginning and an ending. And you have the power to see this happening in eternal time. That means that all time exists all the time. You gave yourself the perception of your timeline so you had the time to prepare for this. And everything you’ve done has set things in motion. You can rewind time if you’re not ready. But chances are, if you’re right here right now, you’re already stepping into your power. You’re ready. 

Humans are discovering new things about our planet Earth. She has energies we didn’t know of outside of her magnetic field. So do you. We are discovering more about the nature of dark matter and how it affects gravity. We are discovering new forces. And everything wet find “out there” is an expression of what’s inside of you. Everything is connected. Everything is evolving. 

Our universe is changing.

And we’re the ones doing it. It’s not just that we’re observing new miracles of science. By observing, we’re changing the nature of our surroundings. And through being connected with everything via quantum entanglement, we’re creating an observational feedback loop. That’s causing the universe to grow. That’s changing our environment. And THAT’S creating the energy your cells respond to to pass down new traits epigenetically across several generations. We’re the energy that biological life has evolved to all this time. It’s always been us. We’re evolving. 

And we’re learning who we really are. We are one with the angels. And the energy we use to manifest ourselves in the physical makes us more powerful. Yes, you have the power to harvest raw energy from the universe to create the physical body, your timeline, and biological evolution. The question is, where do you go with it now? After all, this is the power of all things in this universe. This is the power of love! 

Lesson number 1: How to get even more power from the energy of what you really are. You ARE the universe. Every grain of your existence is an expression of the whole–a pixel of a hologram. Everything we discover about the universe exists within you wholly and completely. 

You are space, time, and matter, and that’s only the beginning. You are dark matter–the nonphysical energy that creates strings or filaments of energy between objects, attracting them. You are dark energy, the very force of expansion. These energies are all around you right now. Just like Earth’s energetic fields, you have yours. And you get to use them. 

Lesson number 2: Grow your wings. Use the energy of expansion to grow wings just like the bands of Earth energies. Use your dark matter to connect them to anyone you wish to help in any way. Imagine wrapping your energetic wings around someone just like hugging them. Envision creating a shell that envelopes and protects them. Now, let them soar on their own. Let them be exactly where they’re needed in eternal time, just like how angels do it. Yes, you can be anytime, anywhere. Because you’re connected. 

Your dark matter filaments allow you to exist this way. Someone can call on you and you can be there energetically. Instantly. You are only limited by your beliefs, which is why you must overcome your own mind. 

Lesson number 3: Believe in yourself. You are here for good after all. You are here on purpose. Your beliefs color your reality the way you want to see it. So make it brighter, more vivid, and more colorful as you bring it to a peak! Bring this feeling forth into the present moment as you create a better now. This is your power. And you get there by loving yourself. 

Now you’ve grown wings, learned how to use them, and opened yourself up for even more universal love because you believe in yourself and love yourself! All thanks to the miracles of science. 

You can master your own mind and anything is possible, because the mind is the ONLY thing that places limitations in your path. Anything physical happened energetically first. Just like the universe in its singularity state. This is your moment. Your Big Bang. You are letting go of your limitations and embracing your energetic beast mode right here, right now. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


Like the hole in the universe, anywhere where you have experienced pain is your portal to a greater version of you. 

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