Awakening the Wild Woman

They are among us. Sometimes hidden in plain sight, other times standing out of the crowd. The legends are true. They have the power. And it's up to you whether you treat them right to see their power used for good. Or you can find out for yourself the hard way. But I will tell you this. They have experienced the hard way in their lives long before you came around, and there's nothing they can't handle! This is for them. This is about them. And they are the wild women. The strong women. The empowered women. They may have been held down in the past, but this is their time to shine so watch out!

Before we get this started, I invite you to come to a realization about something: You are not here to awaken a wild woman. You are not going to. That's not what this is about. You see, trying to do that is like poking a dragon with a stick. You're gonna get burned. This is about the pure feminine goddess spirit. It's about raw beauty in the very essence of spiritual form flowing in and around the physical in such a powerful way that her light shines so incredibly bright. You just let her shine. And she's gonna awaken her damn self. Lesson number 1. And so I invite you to find yourself in a state of knowing that you are going to learn about creating space for her most beautiful transformation.



Match her frequency. Many have tried to hold her down. Many tried to hold her back. It didn't work very well for them. And so I invite you to embody the feminine energy within yourself first. Lesson number 2. Raise your vibrational energy to be with her. You will surprise yourself with your own capacity to love by doing so. You may even find peace. You may learn to enjoy the little things in life like stopping to smell the flowers. Yes, really. And you will empower yourself with a sense of purpose. Now imagine amplifying all of these. Double it. Triple it. Increase it 1,000 fold! This is her world (in more ways than one)... Always remember this.

Create space for her. Lesson number 3. This doesn't mean give her space. That's a completely different vibration. Creating space allows her to be free. You see, space is the fabric of the universe that conducts energy. Imagine this fabric to be like elegant silk of all kinds of colors. Keep giving her the finest silk to wrap herself in as the energy lifts her spirit. Make the colors more vibrant, brighter, and crisper as you watch her rise. Allow the energy to infuse every cell of her being. And always remember that there's no limit to the amount of space you can create. Like the silkworm, you are the creator. You are creating space for her to be as free as she can possibly allow herself to be. To be free to discover more and more, as her growth continues on her path of self discovery and global purpose.


Let's take a moment to pause right here, because it might not be as easy as that sounds (unless it is). You see, she's been through a lot before she ever met you. And she's still going to go through challenges. Major ones. She needs support, not problem solving. She's not a puzzle for you to figure out. This is why creating space is so important. She will need nourishment. Encouragement. And empowerment. Even in her darkest days. She may even hurt you, and this is where I faltered in the past. I took things personally. They weren't about me. They were about her and her projections and I didn't see that. Now I do. Step out of your normal perceptual position to see her in a different light. See through her eyes. Feel what she feels. Understand what she knows. And reflect these back in a positive light. Lesson number 4.

She needs it now more than ever. Because inside she may be fighting demons. Lesson number 5. I know y'all gotta have your steps. Look deeper to elicit her process because it's not going to be step 1 do this and then go to step 2. Honor her process. See the whole picture to help her in her battles. You see, she is a powerful warrior. And that means that her spirit doesn't waste time in the physical to deliver her lessons. She will get them quickly and they will hit her hard (unless they don't). She made an agreement with spirit before coming to this physical world that she would be powerful, and that means she has many challenges on her journey. When spirit makes it easy to grow, she sends hard-hitting lessons. When spirit makes growth more challenging, she sends softer, more complex lessons. It sounds counter intuitive, but it really works this way. Imagine smelling a flower. Now envision its complex biomolecules diffusing in turbulent air as you inhale, reacting chemically with your sensory organs that translate this into neural stimulation that travels throughout your brain, sending signals of 'smells good' and storing these in your memory associated with sounds and events. Stop to smell the flowers.


Let her blossom in her own time. Her process will be complex with hard-hitting lessons and soft blows that elicit her natural beauty as she grows. It is her process. Honor it. Send your love into this process as you create even more space. Love is the energy conducted by the space created. Feed her nourishment to grow and just let her grow. And you know what? This ain't always easy (unless it is). You may love her with all your heart and she might just be a really good friend. You might see this repeated again and again in your life. KEEP DOING IT. You're doing it right. Keep going. Keep loving. Even if you're invisible. Even when you're not even on her radar. Keep loving. Keep supporting. Keep empowering. Lesson number 6. Even if it hurts, you're still helping her and absorbing her pain to make her feel better. Be selfless.

When spirit is ready and when you have matched the vibration, she will come to you. She's not going to be impressed by the ways she was pursued by others in the past. She knows what she wants. She knows what she needs. Be there for her when she's ready for you. A lot of other beautiful souls will be trying to. Instead of getting caught up in the game, competing with one another, notice how rising above the old ways of thinking allow you to always give her your best. Lesson number 7. When you project your absolute best, you raise the frequency of the harmonic field in the spirit and physical. You break free of old karma and old patterns. And she breaks free of hers as well. This facilitates co-creation, the most powerful union of souls like the rhythm of the dance with two bodies becoming one. Energy was made to merge and loves to do so with the highest vibration. It is natural. It is pure. It is balance. It is meant to be.

This is why I am so in love with beauty. It's not just physical beauty though. It is the power within. The process beneath. The way she moves elegantly and embodies the highest spirit. How she is a goddess in her own right. And to see this is one thing. To truly recognize it is to see the whole process. And honor her process. When you see her, you're seeing a snapshot in time. She's so much more than that. She is eternal. She belongs to the universe just as the universe belongs to her. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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