Be a Part of the Omniverse

Are you the type of person who questions everything?  Do you look through the veil of religion and the doctrine of science in an everlasting quest for the truth?  Are you that person who realizes that everything is just trying to explain one thing – our origin?  Yes, we have different ways to explain it, but there are no opposing sides.  That is an illusion.  A human-created illusion.  The universe creates its own illusion that we perceive as reality.  This is what we describe.  Modern science and ancient historical texts used analogies to explain. Over the years, differences in the explanations became different schools of thought, while the universe simply continued expanding.

Now, we have a new hypothesis that describes everything about the universe, starting before the Big Bang.  Steven Hawking has said that events that happened before the Big Bang would have no consequences to our post-Big Bang universe.  However, our modern view of physics still only explains 4.5% of the known universe.  And that’s just the part observable through our window of time in the ever-expanding universe.

The new proposal, entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, argues that events before the Big Bang have everything to do with how we observe the universe today.  Our universe is finite.  However, it is not alone.  It is part of a bigger picture.  This is the Omniverse.  It is the source of energy in our universe.  This is the underlying energy that all forces and particles are made of, even the energies we have yet to explain!  We are simply reflections of the underlying energy that manifests itself in ways that create elementary particles and forces.

Join me in my quest to re-discover our universe.  We are all a part of the Omniverse! You are free to explore!  Be a part of this new movement in the evolution of knowledge.

Peace, Love, and Knowledge


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