Be Light

Hello, it’s the wo/man in the mirror again! A being of pure light. A reflection of the self. A pure image of what we’d like to become. in my previous article I asked who you are. The next empowering question is simply this: What are you?

Like the mirror, our body is a canvas for the quantum dance of light reflecting in different ways. We are more than just a mirror though. We selectively absorb some frequencies, creating color. And on a more subtle level, we produce our own photons of light as or DNA builds itself. We send this light out into the universe. We do these things without ever having to think about it.

These are examples of the physics consciousness level. Simply put, it is a higher level of consciousness that builds the framework for us to create our reality. It is the canvas for our beautiful art of life. So let’s take a step back and observe creation mode.

We are simply a reflection of what we create. Like the wo/man in the mirror, we are a model with which we see ourselves. An ideal you and me. And from the observer standpoint, we can create that ideal person and step into it. For we live in the projection, where interacting with light is but a small yet beautiful piece of this ever-evolving creation aspect of consciousness.

So what are we? Are we the canvas? Are we the art? Are we the creator? We are all of this and more! This is our path to ascension. Simply realize that we exist in all of these aspects. Then we realize that there is much more to the picture. Additional layers of canvas.

We are multidimensional beings. The idea of dimensions is a human construct – a simple way to describe geometry. But we limit ourselves in thinking with frameworks of limited dimensions. Most see three dimensions. The human view of linear time was represented as the fourth dimension by Einstein. His work opened the door for physicists to describe additional dimensions. The view today is that the universe can be described in 11 dimensions. But with my book, I introduced layering of dimensions.

I will tell you this: I have experienced the pure truth of the universe. It is something within each and every one of us. It is simply our potential to discover. And when we describe ourselves with dimensions, we are limiting our frame of reference that we use to build our reality. These are the concepts we must overcome to truly understand the universe and ourselves. For we are one and the same. And we are dimensionless. We are timeless. We are a singularity! What that means is that everything is connected. Nothing is separate.

We use language to empower ourselves in communicating the spiritual and scientific concepts to answer the question of what we really are. When we ask the question of what we are, we are opening the doors of perception to let the universe bring the answer. But we limit our answers. Sometimes, you just have to turn everything completely upside down and blow away the doors of the perception! That’s why I’m here.


Even long held spiritual concepts can be limiting beliefs. When I ask the question, I see responses like ‘we are beings of light.’ Are we beings of light or is that just the wo/man in the mirror? What if I were to tell you that this is also a limiting belief. We interact with and create light, but light is simply that which exists in our timeline. We are more than that. What does light cone from? Ask this question and you will find what we come from.

There is a pure underlying energy of the universe. An energy that simply is. Finding this energy is the holy grail of modern science. But the answer is already within us. Every single component of us that we perceive to be separate is a projection of the universe as a whole. The projector is what makes it visible. Light is the aspect of the canvas. The rest is consciousness. And the consciousness comes from this underlying energy. It is pure energy of attraction. It is love!

The universal consciousness is simply a loving energy that empowers the act of creation with which we invoke when we build the framework of our reality and paint the beautiful canvas of our lives. It is not a being of higher intelligence. It is a very simple framework to build upon, thus evolving the intelligence within us. That being said, is it possible that we can be described as unlimited intelligence, infinite dimensions, and pure love? What are you?

Find the universe’s path to ascension in my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, available now at Balboa Press, Amazon, B&N, and coming soon to local bookstores’ shelves. Find your path to ascension by sharing the infinite wisdom and simply spreading the love! Thank you for reading and sharing!


Change your perspective, change your universe.

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