Be Like Water

What if you could honor the natural flow of energy in this universe right now simply by embodying the very water of life within you? You already know that the human body is composed of mostly water. And you know that whatever there is water in the universe, there are the building blocks for life. This is deeper. This is the ocean of knowledge beneath the surface. As you go deep within, the blessings blossom forth. 

Water shows us more than just the miracle of life. You learn that, like the lotus flower, your life begins buried in the dark mud, and you must overcome the darkness to grow into the light. Only then can you reach the surface of the water unsoiled. This is where you blossom. While others see you on the surface, only you know the path that you have traveled. You are more than the beautiful flower on the surface. 

The beauty about water is that it teaches us connectedness. From the tips of the mountains, water seeps in and runs off, forming rivers that flow toward other bodies of water, like the oceans of knowledge. The water is welcomed by the ocean just as you are by the universe. This is consciousness in action. You are the river, flowing through life while connected at all times to the ocean of all that is. This is natural law: the flow of the universe. 

The universe is a flow of consciousness. It is consciousness that leads to awareness. As you awaken layer by layer, your senses open to new levels of perception. New ways to see the universe. It's not just your surroundings--it's within you. Everything changes! 

The flow of the universe is something you feel. It's love. And like a prism splitting white light into a beautiful rainbow, you create a full spectrum of emotions. This is the energy in your field that your cells respond to. Your life is transformed by your feelings. And if you wish to grow more, you mustn't restrict. Don't just be positive. Your roots need the full spectrum. Like a plant soaking up pure sunlight, honor your feelings--all of them. This is your flow. 

And when you flow in all of your glorious splendor, you give back. Your tears, whether happy or sad, become the very water that falls back to Earth to bless the sacred ground from which you emerged. You bless this creation. The water from your consciousness becomes the seed for nature and the future of humanity to thrive together in new levels of love and awareness. Your purpose is simply doing exactly what you're doing. Living. Loving. Feeling all of what this world offers, good and bad. And flowing with your full spectrum of emotions into a channel of consciousness connected wholly to the ocean of knowledge of all that is. 

Flow is your connection. Water is your body. Light is your emotion. You have all of the ingredients necessary to grow. Do that. Have faith in yourself as you honor your flow with the highest intent. Faith can move mountains. You are moving mountains! You are the water carving the mountains out and moving them across this landscape. Bless the waters that be. This is your flow. 



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