Be Love

See the beauty everywhere in the universe and it will manifest in your life with more love! I can show you why this is a universal truth. Come on a journey with me to see for yourself. You won’t need to learn ‘how to’ do anything, but you may find yourself letting go of negativity and limiting beliefs. It is simply a natural process.

As sentient beings, we are aware of ourselves, our surroundings, and as we awaken to these surroundings, we become aware of our spiritual selves. As it turns out, it’s not any different from when we were children. Love was automatic until we learned to put conditions on love. But it is not just an emotion. Love is our very existence. It is ingrained in every fiber of our being. Love is the underlying energy of the universe – pure attraction that builds structure through a series of loving, conscious decisions. Add some chaos, and viola, you have evolution of biological life.

Life comes in many flavors. Our perception gives us the ability to choose the flavors we like. We each have blends of masculine and feminine energies, and our preferences create what we attract. Here’s something very powerful. When we perceive positively, we attract positivity. Even if we aren’t currently in this state, we can change at any time in our lives. We can even change how we perceived situations of the past, changing our subconscious programming from past events right now. We have the power within us. We have this power because we are love! Each of us is all of the universe’s underlying energy within each and every subatomic component of us. This is because the universe is an infinity. You cannot subtract from infinity – the answer will still be infinity!


What we think, we attract. What we attract, we create. Herein lies an excellent lesson about ourselves for each of us to learn. I am a man, and in the past, I acted hard and emotionless, hoping to attract women. While women may like the bad boy mentality, I was not attracting the right people in my life. When I broke down, I felt vulnerable and realized that this is what needed to happen for me to acknowledge my emotions. Now I embrace the divine feminine spirit within me. And I have found that by doing so, I am much more confident in my masculinity. I am not focused on lack of love, or not having anyone love me. Instead, I focus on the pure unconditional love within me. This creates the attraction. And I need not worry about not having that person in my life. I am focused on the process and keeping faith in myself for being the provider of unconditional love. My pain through this process has become my credential to help others, and my love has guided me to serve others.

As part of my service, I am dedicating my life to help others develop knowledge of the universe and of the self. My book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, proposed how the universe formed even before time began. Today, I see confirmation of my actions of love in recent studies of quantum gravity and relativity that explore the possibility of a universe without the beginning. In my book, the universe has a path to ascension. It overcomes its surroundings to become the Big Bang. Thanks to the new study, we are finding that the beginning of time is nothing but a man-made constraint. Exactly what I said in my book.

While the details may be different, an important lesson is to speak your truth. What this means is profound. There is no actual truth – only your truth. That is because it is filtered by your perception. As a child, your subconscious was programmed by interactions, and this programming created a map of what you perceive to be reality. Your truth is based on your map. This is why it is important to be attached to a process, not the outcome. My vision of the Omniverse came to me, but it was perception that shaped it into reality. As scientific data support the Omniverse model, it can be modified by that data. What is important is that we are currently exploring and attempting to ask questions no one dared to ask before.

In summary, the universe is an underlying energy – a pure kind of love. Pure attraction. We are conscious beings able to feel love. What we attract is what we create. In doing so, we embrace our emotions as well as our masculinity and femininity. When we let go of the conditions we put on love from our social programming, we are able to find it within ourselves and better serve humanity and the universe. We come to a place of love and speak from the heart. We speak our truth.THIS is the beauty of what we are. This is the beauty of the universe. Love is our very existence!

Thanks for reading and sharing!!! Go to Balboa Press, Amazon, and B&N for my book, and follow for more. The final take-away is this: we can create our reality to be discovered by thinking scientifically and being spiritual. It is our very nature!


Love the universe you’re in!

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