Be Wild, Free, and Conscious! 

Men, if you want a wild woman, you better level up! She has been through enough and come out standing. She is wild and free and cannot be tamed or held down. As it should be. And so she’ll demand a better version of you to stand beside her. 

And women, if you want a conscious man, you better level up too. We’re all born wild, free, and conscious, but we sometimes forget, so we have to remember. That means we all go through life’s lessons, one by one. And we become conscious. Little by little. And block by block, we become demolition experts of our own walls. All that work makes us vulnerable and emotional, so we need your support too, as we do the same for your eternal goddess love. 

Seek no ordinary love. 

Find your power within. When you love yourself, there is no need to seek anything or anyone. As you become awakened, you will create based on your desires. You create a better version of yourself. And you keep doing it. People will notice your change. Some will stay and some will go. 

There may still be many trials for you on this path. You might have to go alone. But what that really means is the soul is preparing you to level up. You’re training your subconscious. Your opening up to receive. You’re finding hope in places where you let go of expectations. 

You’re artistically creating a new landscape of reality as your brain is rewiring itself. You’re seeing infinite possibilities now, as you increase your field of awareness. All of a sudden, your perception becomes wide open as you pull more and more into your field of awareness. 

And guess what that does? 

It trains your brain to see what you did not see before, and in doing so you become a conscious creator. Because now, as you do see more, your subconscious is tuning into this frequency. The subconscious is where all that programming is running in the background, executing the code you write. Here’s where you create your reality as you program the universe around you. 

And that means you ATTRACT MORE. 

By changing how you see the world around you, you change the world. It’s real. It’s true. And it’s science! It’s quantum physics, baby. And it’s just a part of the power you are capable of. More and more, humans are discovering how this system of universes is running like a computer simulation. Everything’s programmable. Everything’s interactive and customizable. 

And it all starts with you. 

You work on yourself, you become the goddess or the conscious man, and in doing so you’re changing reality. You make this world a better place for others. You bring even more love amidst the chaos. Do that. 

So you see, it all comes from within. Embrace your true power, for that is how I see you. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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