Be Your Own Spiritual CEO

Imagine you're running a huge company, with tons of people working for you. You're the CEO. And every top manager reports directly to you with specific details in every area of your business. You're completely covered. So how do you manage all of the incoming data they report to you? You look at the vital statistics. You create a dashboard view of everything that's happening in the now, allowing for instant course corrections. There's a way to create this dashboard view for your LIFE. You don't have to be the CEO of a big company, because you're the CEO of YOU!  

You have hundreds of trillions of cells working for you. 
Like the hundreds of trillions of stars making up or galaxy! It's no coincidence, and you are connected to every star, every galaxy, and every parallel in this universe. That means you have a lot of top managers converting data to you. 

Your cells respond to their environment and pick up energy. This comes in many forms. First there's the physical energies that transmute to forces and matter, dark matter, and dark energy. There's also subtle energies, like the life force and consciousness. It's the underlying energy beneath the rest. It is a gentle flow throughout the whole of the universe. It is the connectedness. 

Every channel with which this underlying energy flows is life. There are several forms of consciousness all connected. Meet your top managers: There's quantum and atomic level, biochemical level, Gaia (nature), Self-awareness (the human level), spirit, angel, the laws of physics, the stored information of all that is, and the source code of our existence. These 9 report directly to you! 

The question is, are you getting your information from only some of what's available to you right now? 

What if you could open your senses to get information from all your top managers and incorporate all of it into your CEO dashboard? 

That means instead of just focusing on the obvious, you can tap into the subtle energies around you to streamline your optimized energy flow. Just allow the energy to flow into you with ease and grace! You can create customized views for each level of consciousness simply by visualizing the colors and images you want to see. To focus in, imagine the colors getting brighter and more vivid. Let the images become clearer and crisper. Increase the intensity, bringing it to a peak, and breathe in the colors and images, incorporating them into every cell of your body. 

Since you're instantly connected, you can download the information from all of your centers. Just by focusing on them. How cool is that?Instant connectedness! And remember, they're working for YOU! For your manifesting, your life purpose, and your highest and best good! 

Yes, you are that powerful. I wanna thank you for successfully running YOU! Thank you, it is done.  It is done.  It is done. 


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