Beautiful Souls

Here is an experiment in the power we are capable of. The following is just one step in realizing the greatness of our true potential. This may uproot deep trust issues in some. It exposes how or belief systems can be limiting.

Many beliefs are programmed in the subconscious, as neural pathways are built from childhood based on our reactions. In this case, protection is the key to programming the brain how to detect deception. But what if it actually causes us to anticipate deception? The subconscious actually does have a sixth sense capable of anticipating things before they even happen! Here, we’ll look at an example, then analyze how to eliminate the limiting belief.

What if your BS detector has actually been what has attracted the BS in your life? In doing so, is it possible that by turning this block around, you can attract even more of the good stuff life has to offer? Are you open to a whole new definition of what you thought was BS? Because BS also stands for BEAUTIFUL SOULS! So tell me, are you interested in attracting even more of THAT? Ate you completely free of any kind of objection in your mind, body, and soul?


Just by asking the questions, we are creating new neural pathways based on the anticipation of trust rather than deception. This in turn causes the brain to anticipate trustworthy interactions with others. In other words, by changing how we think, we change what we attract!

In essence, what we have just done is taken a negative program, and replaced it with a positive program. In doing so, we literally rewrite the brain and change the outcome of the statistical chances of reality. Yes, we just changed reality! Want to do more? We can literally do this with anything!

Think something in your past that developed into a belief. For example, people may hurt you. Our natural reaction to this is to be more protected and add safeguards. Just look at the American society today. We live in a society of fear, programmed by or own language of destroying violence and cutting through the rhetoric! We anticipate violence from one another. This is the reality we have created.

But before we go out hurting one another any more, let’s look at ways to turn the limiting belief around, thus changing the nature of this reality we live in. Yes, this CAN be done! We can heal, and our countries can be at peace! So I ask you, rather than acting in fear, what if we could just turn that fear around and act in unconditional love? Simply step out of the first person point of view and see your interactions as a third person observer. See how you react to each other. What if that reaction could go away? It can when you are able to diffuse a situation by not acting in anger. That is done by changing the viewpoint.

A friend shared a touching story the other day about a dog and a goat. A dog acted out towards a goat, trying to provoke an attack. The goat, easily able to ram the dog, did nothing. It did not fight. It did not run. It stood its ground. By doing so, the dog felt no more anticipation of attack, instead it felt anticipation of peace. The dog got tired of provoking and simply turned and walked away.

What if we can apply anticipation of peace in or lives? What if we can look upon a stranger, regardless of skin color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and just smile? Can we look beyond the labels we put on ourselves and see is for what we really are? Ask yourself, how can I become even more empowered to be a master of perception, allowing me to see the human beyond the labels, the lessons beyond the interactions, and the beautiful soul beyond the body?

Ready to take it to the next step? This is the beginning of our evolution of consciousness. When we see beyond the circumstances, we create new points of view, better behavior patterns, and stronger brains programmed with new neural pathways. Through epigenetics, these traits are programmed into our DNA and passed down to our children. We ARE creating a better world simply by turning the way we think around and living a life of love. It starts with each of us.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Change your perception, change your universe.

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  1. Ahhhh – looking for the positive helps you find the positive. Good thoughts. Your writings are helping whoever reads them. That is very good.

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