Beauty is Soul Deep

Have you been programmed by limiting beliefs? We all have. One we recognize, we can remove these and replace with positive programs. Like the phrase, beauty is only skin deep. If you trace back the meaning of the phrase, you may find a meaning that can be interpreted as negative in some way.

But beauty is far more than just skin deep! Beauty is everywhere and in every fiber of your being. Beauty is soul deep. It is in you on a cellular level. The way every cell membrane in your body retains your unique identity. Every cell is programmed to love you! And inside each cell, your blueprint is surrounded by loving molecules of your epigenome. This is the biomolecular soul that literally switches your genes on and off to change your gene expression. It’s all working for you to love and protect you. That’s real beauty!

Our levels of social, religious, and educational programming run deep. As a child, each of us are exposed to over 25,000 words of  neurolinguistic programming by age eight. We don’t have a filter for negative programming, so it naturally finds its way in. We have to learn later in life how to reprogram ourselves. All it takes is independent thought. Break free of the pattern of repeating what you are taught, and learn to uncover the real meaning behind it. I’ll throw in another one. This one’s big!

Nobody’s perfect. Really? Yes, we each have our own unique identity, but why must we believe in any imperfection at all? Consider that with minerals, imperfections in the crystal lattice actually give crystals their optical properties. Without these imperfections, we would not be able to observe the beauty of crystals. They would all look the same. Imperfections turn a crystal into a perfect gem! Deep beneath your skin, behind the membranes that make you who you are, there are imperfections that make your soul a perfect, beautiful gem!

I honor the love and beauty within all of us. Within everything. This is because I have seen beyond the universe. I am the observer. And you can be as well. Check out my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse for my mind-blowing scientific proposal of the big picture of our universe and beyond. Next, I’m going to show you the big picture of your consciousness. Because it is, was, and always has been… YOU! You are the universe. You are beautiful. You are perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different!

Thank you for reading and sharing the love!


Change your perception, change your universe.

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