Being Authentically You: from Heartbreak to Heart-Centered

Have you ever noticed how you repeat patterns, even with different people throughout life? Do you wonder if there is a way to break away from the cycle and be totally free? There’s a little secret to how our consciousness works by locking in behavior patterns. As we go through life, this becomes code that the mind follows when we encounter certain trigger events. The brain ca literally be hard-wired around these patterns.

But with a simple little brain hack, we can rewire new neural pathways in the brain and recode new behavior patterns, avoiding the same old traps!


I’m David Bertolacci, author of Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, the book exploring the universe beyond our perception of time and space. In my journey, I have come across the most incredible lessons for humanity. But there has always been one lesson in my own life that’s been the hardest thing for me to overcome. And we all experience it…

So now I am putting myself out there to talk about it, knowing how vulnerable this makes me. But I cannot be anything less than authentically me. I confronted fear and anger, learning very powerful tools. Then I asked, how can these tools be used to tackle my feelings of heartbreak? You see, throughout my entire life, I have always been heartbroken by the women I loved. The result? I love even more! I learned my lessons and love myself. I know exactly how to manifest love and abundance for the highest and best good!

And then I asked, how can I help others? What if I can turn my biggest weakness into something positive and in turn, use this newfound strength to empower even more people to discover their divine purpose and manifest what their heart desires?

I realized that by applying my combined techniques of theta healing and neurolinguistic programming, I can perform group healings that would effectively break the cycles people put themselves through! I invite you to take what I am about to say to heart. EVERYBODY experiences heartbreak sometime in their life. It is when the experience first happens that the brain hard-wires it’s protective mechanisms unique to each person. Once we experience the feeling again, we go through the same process, reinforcing these mechanisms. This becomes our baggage. I can help us all unpack!

Here’s why I know this is exactly the right thing to do at exactly the right time: People are waking up! People are seeking healing. People are learning to use manifestation techniques for all walks of life. Not just finding love, soul mates, or twin flames, but also to align with abundance of money and other forms of energy in support of their life purpose or divine path. People seek others to contact loved ones and angels for advice and messages, and even use healing techniques to lose weight for optimal health!

But what if those same protective measures hard-wired into your brain are the ONLY thing between you and your goals? Oh snaps, do you see how big this is? If I can clear that deep down hurt, breaking you free of your vicious cycles, then all of a sudden, everything else you are doing right now can just effortlessly fall right into place! With my brand new heart-centering, brain hacking techniques, you can instantly transform into everything you are arriving to become! Now who’s interested in that? Who wouldn’t be, right?

So, by being authentically me, I found a way to serve others, creating even more empowerment, healing, and nothing less than total transformation to aid in our awakening. Let’s do this together, knowing that we all have the innate ability within every cell of our being, to heal for our own highest and best good! And it sure feels great knowing this, yes?

Transforming yourself now is as simple as two easy steps: First, I will be hosting FREE webinars on the subject of heartbreak to heart-centered living. I will hold nothing back as I guide us through all of the tools that will be utilized. And then, when we are ready, knowing that when that is will be the perfect time for us, we are going to take the next step into or authentically new selves! Because step two will be nothing short of a total transformative intensive webshop.

So if you would like to know more about healing from heartbreak, follow me (and being completely honest with yourself, you know that this will be absolutely beneficial for anything you are working to accomplish right now). I am here in loving devotional service! Dates for the webinars will be posted on my pages and I’ll also be posting info on upcoming books and in-person workshops. Heartbreak to Heart-Centered is the first step, and even though I am so vulnerable from my own experiences, by transmuting to positive loving action, I can heal myself and countless others. Thank you everyone! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being exactly where you are right now, knowing that it’s exactly where you need to be!


Peace, love, and knowledge

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