Being Omnipresent

What if you could experience expanded ways of seeing yourself, allowing understanding, love, and healing powers so much more so that your environment changes fire the better even more? Would you be open to being guided through a process that effortlessly expands your perceptual position? And are you wholly free of any objection? Great! The trick is that the human experience is rooted in the present moment. That’s why being present is so important!


But what if you have thoughts running through your head all the time? Like stuff from the past or worries about the future. These are normal. Your brain is hard word to automatically fill in the gaps if you don’t know everything about what’s happening around you. It’s natural! Being present isn’t about getting rid of those thoughts. It’s just a focal point. Those thoughts become less important when you focus on the now, allowing your brain to absorb more information, avoiding the gaps.

And part of the human experience means that we experience things in this timeline from past to present to future. Time doesn’t actually exist that way-it’s just your prescription of it. And the human brain takes a split second to process it’s understanding of the present, meaning that it’s never really present. So how do you overcome this perception barrier to be ever present?

If you are going to perceive a forest, think about what vantage point would give you a complete view. If your normal view is looking at big trees all around toy from within the forest, is this all there is to the picture? What if you could zoom out to view the big picture, seeing the whole forest? Now the human experience can be viewed in a similar process. Rather than just looking through your own eyes, notice how you can expand your awareness to see from beyond the human limitations. Visualize from the higher self perceptual position. See how your body is interconnected with the energy of all that is. Expand your perception further to see how our souls are connected, all as one human energy existing across millions of years of time. Picture an underlying energy filing up the human experience with consciousness. Love. Embody this universal love.

Now look from the universal perspective. Notice how you perceive all possibilities of time happening at once. This is the universal consciousness. It’s not some crazy concept limited to only a few of the great icons of our past, like Jesus or the Buddha. In fact, you don’t even need to idolize these people because this is something that is the same for all of us. Being omnipresent just means that you are aware of the infinite possibilities. That’s the simple truth!

Now, knowing that this is a brand new moment, embody this universal love as your perceptual position encompasses the Big Bang-the beginning of our universe and timeline. See every resultant particle as an extension of the whole. There is no limit to how much love you can give in this process, so sprinkle that shit everywhere! Let everything be an expression of your love and just observe the universe grow, like a budding seed in a forest. As the universe grows and expands, the love you put in gets multiplied exponentially (this is the true nature of a singularity). Everything is full of conscious energy of the whole. Every interaction stems from just a decision to be. That decision to be is made at the time of observation. All you have to do is observe.

The entire universe puts itself together like this, just like the forest growing. And from your seat, you get to observe the entire marvelous spectacle! Just sit back and watch space unravel, with light and matey forming into clouds of gases, forming stars, planets, galaxies, and even life itself. All with the love you give and the consciousness that you are.

See our little corner of the universe with life evolving on Earth, and notice how all of life’s lessons unfold just like space, creating the rich tapestry for the beautiful art of life. All of the love outpouring from you into every little piece of the universe is exactly what makes you you. And know that this perceptual position is completely natural and you can view from this space anytime you need to. Just let your love flow. This is being present.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


Love the universe inside you

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