Beings of Light

Biological life is made possible with a biochemical blueprint: DNA. All living things have DNA as their code. Within the cell, DNA is constantly transcribing itself and the cells themselves always reproduce. The cells live and die but you carry on. You are not who you used to be. You’re a brand new set of trillions of cells!

Here’s where it gets epic: Every connection made by the components of the DNA causes a quantum dance of exchanging energies. Every reaction produces a photon. Yes, we are beings of light! This means that every cell in our body and every living thing is in constant communication with their surroundings in the universe. It is a constant feedback mechanism that carries entangled information for the universe to perceive. We are frequencies of one consciousness – the universe.


Thanks for sharing! Be on the lookout for upcoming book news. I’m getting a press release ready. Can you feel it? Love the universe you’re in!!!


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