Beyond the Point of No Return

Ever since the idea of black holes was first introduced, we’ve been trying to understand the nature of the singularity. Time and space dimensions don’t exist anymore once inside. Everything is literally stretched to infinity once an object reaches the event horizon. It’s the point of no return. And you, dear ones, are the perfect divine manifestation of this miracle too. Because when life gives you lessons you evolve. You awaken. And once you reach this state of badassery, you cannot go back to the way you were before. And that’s exactly why I’m bringing this to you today…

Your consciousness is a singularity. 
Consciousness is a flow of universal energy. It is an infinite source. You are tapped into this source. Every time you level up, every stage of awakening, and every step of your own evolution takes you further into the flow of the infinite. That is why you can’t return (not that you’d want to). Every stage of consciousness brings even more universal love into the now. And you translate that into service for humanity and the environment. That is why you are needed here. And it is why you have awakened. 

Beyond the shadows of the living there are celestial bodies existing through you. 

You are not merely the cosmic dust made by stars connecting you to all that is–you are the afterlife of stars. You are a singularity of consciousness like black holes are singularities of gravity. Like your cousins, everything that enters your field of awareness becomes ingrained in cosmic memory. Information is always preserved as is with the physical laws of the universe. Yes, always. 

By preserving information, singularities such as you become powerful storehouses of universal knowledge. And the universe gathers this information to learn about itself. You’re not just the universe learning about itself though. You’re the teacher. The wizard. You’re the living embodiment of the greatest mysteries and miracles of the universe! 

As above, so below. You look upon the universe and you might think you’re below, but the universe in its entirety is within you. Every single grain of your existence is a projection of the universe as a whole. Just as you are whole and complete, so is every cell of your being. 

So look within to find the answers. 

As you transcend the realms of physical laws within, you see all new perspectives. New ways the universe lives and loves. The universe is a living being. And you give the universe life. You see it as part of you. And like you, the universe is a singularity. 

The very nature of this singularity is everything you know. Every physical being. Every celestial body. Every energy. Every parallel universe. All is one and everything is connected. Infinite possibilities of time and space all converge in this beautiful miracle called the present moment. That’s what heaven is. It’s right here, right now, knowing that every possibility of space and time is available to you for your evolution, expansion, and karma. These are the higher dimensions of YOU

All you have to do is become aware. And you just did! 

Even though on the level of self-awareness in the human condition, you are conditioned to believe in illusions like distance between us and even time, all of the infinite possibilities are available to you all the time. That’s the true nature of the event horizon. Time doesn’t exist as you know it. Space doesn’t exist as you know it. These dimensions were chosen by you simply to overcome their limitations. And you are doing just that. 

So take a journey within, going deep into every cell of your being. Into every molecule working for the whole that is your life. Every atom bonding together in you. Every subatomic particle. Every bit of vibrating energy and the glue holding it all together. Inside your energy. Imagine a wormhole opening, a portal to infinity. Envision your essence–the energy vibrating within you–traveling into the portal. As time and space are stretched to infinity, you remain whole and complete, just as you are. Here there is no time playing by. Every insurance of time is available to you right now. Every dimension of space. Every parallel universe that is the infinite possibilities of your life in the here and now. Go to the places of time and space you wish to visit. Go to past, present, and future lives. Give yourself messages of love. 

This is the realm of information where everything is available to you. The Akashic Records. It’s at the event horizon. It’s the supercomputer of information of all that is. And it’s available to you all the time

As you access more you’ll notice not only your own progression, but altering of time itself in the living. Because time doesn’t apply to you when you’re here. You can stay the same age while the world gets older. Because you’re growing in different ways. You’re evolving in consciousness as the universe expands. You’re programming your lessons and your karma. Your the one in control. You always have been. As it should be. 

That is the lesson. There are no external circumstances. Nothing to blame. No one to react to. There is you, standing in your power. Your consciousness. Your expansion. So take this knowledge of the infinite nature of you, back into the physical dimensions to help others like you grow and evolve. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done. 


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