Blessing Number 9

I enjoyed sharing the last eight bessings of the Omniverse – wisdon I gained from writing Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse that I am grateful to be able to share with you. And that’s the real blessing in this whole process. You are the ninth blessing! My life has been turned upside-down, and I have strayed from my comfort zone so many times I don’t even know what a comfort zone is anymore. What I thought was a gracious journey toward a path of enlightenment was at times, very difficult to deal with as I was dragged along kicking and screaming, having to let go of the one true love that mattered most to me. But all of my friends and followers have been with me through it all. Yes, you are the real blessing. You are the miracle of life – all eight of the lessons wrapped up in one astonishingly beautiful package. You are the universe in its entirety within each and every part of your body and mind. You are the focal point of the universal consciousness, giving you the unique identity that reflects its greatness outwards as it shines so very brightly! You are the intelligent divine.


Here is a list of everything I love about you:

1) You and I are the afterlife of stars. We create Heaven on Earth just by beine alive.

2) All possibilities of your life exist – all time exists at once, while distances between us disappear. We are afloat in a sea of infinite possibilities and parallel universes.

3) Everything fits together beutifully as one. We are entangled – connected by invisible strings to all things in the vast universe we observe. Every part of the universe contains the whole of it. We are infinity. We are one.

4) Your physical body is not who you really are. The universe is an illusion. Duality (positives and negatives) don’t really exist. You are the purest of pure underlying energy of the universe itself. Our existence is simply a holographic projection of this essence – pure love.

5) You are multiple levels of consciousness. Beyond your identity, you are the higher self. You are an angel. You are the very universe with all of its physical laws, all in your most wonderful mind. Your consciousness is infinite potential!

6) Your life is a continuum – an eternal existence. Your beauty never dies. As the universe, this consciousness always grows and repeats on many levels. As above, so below.

7) Your perception creates your reality. You are the observer of this creation. You are a flow of energy in the form of emotion, intellect, love, and life.

8) You have the power to discover anything in this magical existence we call life. The spark of life is the twinkle of your eye.

Thanks for being with me on my journey! Thank you for reading and sharing! You are all infinitely beautiful and I love you all. These blessings have been a transformative experience, and I am pleased to announce my new webinar to teach these lessons. In addition, I am creating a workshop to incorporate the blessings and miracles and teach us how to get messages from the divine. I realized while on my path that many have their own unique talents and psychic abilities, while others (like me) appear not to on the surface. But what I found is that the true enlightenment was simply the ability of thought. The same thing we are told to silence! So while others were conversing with angels and ascended masters, I realized it wasn’t part of my path. Everything happens with divine timing. This was how I started to transform. It is an ascension of consciousness that happens deep in our souls. Angel messages are but a step in this process, but people’s perception is responsible for the meaning itself even though they might be unaware. For some, angels are there to pull them up. But if you have tried hearing them like me, only to find chatter of the mind, you are being held up by the same angels as they lift you to the next step. And that’s exactly why you are right here, right now, reading this! Together, we will interpret visions of the soul and determine the meaning and how it guides you on your divine path. This will take you beyond any previously imposed limitations and into your true consciousness as the universe itself! The Omniverse is only the beginning… This is enlightenment through science!



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