Blessings of the Omniverse Part 4

“What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Nevermind.”

– Homer Simpson

The mind will take you through cycles of thought, only to come to the conclusion that what you believe is real, is in fact real. That’s just how we are programmed. But like today’s computer programmers, they always leave a back door open. We have access to this door once we find it within our mind. It is the gateway to your consciousness. But once you cross this threshold, you never go back to your old way of thinking. Because what is on the other side is a completely different reality than everything we are taught. But it’s the only reality, from which ours is made possible.

The universe itself experiences this. It must overcome its surroundings as consciousness grows. The moment at which it crosses over is the Big Bang. And I will show you how to have your own Big Bang of consciousness!


Blessing #4: The Grand Illusion

If you read the previous blessings, I showed you how our reality is an illusion. The ancients spoke of this as well. My Omniverse model put a scientific framework of how our entire reality is but a projection – a holographic universe. But now you are going to see why the universe is an illusion!

The universe’s physical reality is an illusion simply for the experiences of physicality and duality. This is because these are the essential ingredients of creation. Please don’t confuse my use of the word creation with religion – because science and religion are both trying to explain creation/the Big Bang. We’re all in this together! We all start out in the nonphysical realm – even the universe itself. From our last blessing article, we learned that we are one with the universe, which is a mere singularity. This is our true nature.

According to the most cutting edge science, the singularity wasn’t stable. Therefore, it instantaneously inflated in the beginning of the Big Bang and literally unfolded space at a rate faster than the speed of light. My book summarizes this process and also asks the question, if the singularity wasn’t stable, how was it there in the first place? Seriously, how? According to one of science’s greatest minds, Steven Hawking, events that may have happened before the Big Bang would have no consequence after it inflates, because that’s when time starts. But I argue that it does matter. And what I propose in my book changes everything. The singularity – YOU – was stable in its nonphysical form until such conditions changed! This is your journey.

BY taking the first step on this path to ascension, you must realize your surroundings in order to overcome them. Thus, the nonphysical becomes physical. The Big Bang happens. Light and matter form, and life starts. And it all starts with a conscious decision: to be! The universe must experience physicality to become that which it is.

That leads us to our next milestone of consciousness: duality. Once matter begins forming, it creates different properties using different combinations of particles. Positives and negatives are created to attract and form atoms. Gravity and expansion are created to form structure in the universe and flowing of energy. Duality is how you grow. But we take it much further. As humans, we experience good and bad in all kinds of ways. We have sex, differences in appearance and origin, many religions and other belief or disbelief systems, and we even invent other ways to further separate ourselves like borders and money. All illusions. Remember, we are all one!

So we have overcome our nonphysical state to create or physical state in the holographic projection – the illusion of our physical universe. Next, we realize where we came from. This is the awakening process. We find through science that things physical aren’t actually physical. Instead, they are vortices of energy in vibrating strings that create the illusion of a subatomic particle. There’s more space than anything else inside it! Particles don’t ever touch. They only exchange energy, which we perceive as tactile sensation. Then we find that opposites are but two ends of the same pole. North and South magnetic poles, for example. Emotions work the same way. They are split apart from love through our body’s energy centers like a prism splits white light.

Our path to ascension makes us see everything as pure unconditional love. When we do, the opposites disappear. Fear is nothing but love turned upside-down! Fear shapes much of our current perception of reality. Religion and governments prey upon fear to control the masses. Demons and the Devil are but angels appearing the way they do simply because of the fear in people’s hearts. But once that fear turns back to love, even the Devil can’t harm you. Everything else but love dissolves. Everything else but love dissolves. This is the true nature of the universe – the true nature of the self.

To experience the the ascension to the illusion, check out my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. It’s available at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers. For more information, go to and follow To experience your ascension beyond the illusion, look within yourself. The universe in its entirety is within every part of you! Thanks for reading and sharing the love!


Those who dissolve, evolve.

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